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  • Centre, Campbellsville both go down in playoffs

    Centre saw its undefeated football season come to an end as host John Carroll rolled to a 63-28 win over the Colonels in the first round of the NCAA Division III playoffs at University Heights, Ohio.

  • COLUMN: Awesome fans electrified Cooper

    I can't say I would be a millionaire if I had a dollar for every time I have heard, “When we have more people in the stands than the home team,” but I would sure have enough money to buy tickets to a lot more Cincinnati Reds' games.

    I heard it again Friday night.

    And, “We go on the road, we are like the home team on the road.”

  • PHOTOS: Wildcat women roll past Morehead

    Scenes from Morehead State at Kentucky, played Nov. 19 at Memorial Coliseum.

  • 11-26 The Way We Were
  • Van smacks house, plows into pond

    From staff reports

    The driver of a van that tore off the corner of a home in the Running Brook Drive subdivision before traveling another 100 yards and coming to rest in a small pond reportedly blacked out during the wreck.

    The unidentified driver appeared uninjured while standing in the driveway at 1081 Running Brook Drive just minutes after the crash as he was being tended to by Anderson County EMS.

    He was later taken into a waited ambulance for further observation.

  • Cartoon: Sharpton's taxes
  • A few holiday tips for family caregivers

    The holiday season can be full of challenges for family caregivers and include some moments of joy. Establishing a realistic approach will help you enjoy more and stress less.

    Teepa Snow, dementia care education specialist, provided this information at a recent conference at the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital. Check out her website for more ideas

    Family members may plan a big celebration with the idea that this may be the last holiday that they will share together. Instead think about quality time together, not the length of time.

  • Jesus saves, in more ways than one

    By Alexis Weathers

    Guest Columnist

    It is spring of 2012, the second week of the H1N1 virus. I lie completely still on the couch, breathing small, shallow breaths. My skull is pounding, throbbing, making my ears ring something horrible as I listen to the commercial ending and the news coming back on the TV.

    “Breaking news today: there have been 20 more 911 calls concerning the deaths of more H1N1, or as some call it the swine flu, victims across the state.”

  • These tips will help save on electric bill

    As the calendar starts to creep up on Christmas, I thought this would be a good time to focus on saving a little green. The cold temperatures have made for some chilly days and nights, and that means electric bills will be going up as fast as the Christmas trees.

  • Cosby: trial by social media

    By Shelley Spillman

    News Editor

    The legal system standard is for alleged criminals to face a trial by judge or jury, but in this digital world it’s often a trial of public opinion via social media long before the criminal trial ever occurs.