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  • Middle school performs Shakespeare
  • Education briefs

    White earns scholarship

    Hannah White, a homeschooled student in Lawrenceburg, was chosen to receive a $17,000 scholarship, renewable for four years, from the Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Scholarship Fund, the agency announced.

    White, a daughter of Melanie and John White, has volunteered as an equine intern, assisting in riding therapy with the mentally handicapped and assists with group riding lessons for beginning riders, according to a news release.

  • Complaint puts DOT in tough spot

    Column as I see ’em …

    Transportation officials are going to have a mighty hard time explaining to a judge why they’ve continued to allow heavy trucks to travel Highway 151, given what we’ve learned over the past couple of weeks. (See story, A1.)

  • Options exist for battling drug addiction

    Unfortunately, drug addiction and the consequences to individuals and their families have been in the forefront of our community news lately.

    My heart aches for those who are dealing with these issues. In the course of my duties as county attorney, I have opportunities to discuss these issues with families multiple times in a week and am able to share options with them in their attempt to help. My guess is that there are many families my office does not have the opportunity to talk with who could benefit from the knowledge that there are options.

  • ‘Harden off’ plants before transplanting

    I can’t believe how quickly April has passed. Didn’t it just start? With 80-degree temperatures popping up, our mind goes in to summer mode and our flip flop/sandal brigade begins.

    There are two warning points that I want to make here. It is not summer yet and chiggers and ticks are out in force.

  • Library board gets glimpse of new building

    A railroad trestle entrance, a bell to ring when a child reads their first book, and a sign made by local artists are just a few of the ideas the Anderson Public Library Board tossed around at its monthly meeting last Tuesday.

    Monica Sumner, vice president at Brandstetter Carroll, Inc., the architect firm in charge of the expansion project, said, “Right now we are 90 percent complete, the last 10 percent is the most difficult.”

  • News names Hodge new sales rep

    From staff reports

    Kim Hodge has re-joined The Anderson News as an advertising representative.

    Hodge had previously worked in the newspaper’s front office before taking a customer service representative at Associations International.

    Hodge, who has lived in Salvisa since 1986, is the person to see for all advertising needs.

    “My goal is to have good relations with businesses and the people of this community, and help them with any of their advertisement needs,” she said.


    By Ben Carlson

    News staff

    Residents who live along Highway 151 in Alton have threatened legal action for months if state transportation officials continued to ignore their demands to get heavy trucks off that treacherous stretch of road.

    On Monday, their threats turned into reality.

  • Sheriff just says no to needles

    Only a handful of those serving on a needle exchange committee chose sides during a meeting Monday at the Anderson County Health Department, but those who did made no bones about the way they feel about providing free syringes to IV drug users.

    “The sheriff and I have over six decades of law enforcement experience combined, and we’ve used those to teach children about the dangers of drugs,” said Chief Deputy Joe Milam, who attended on behalf of Sheriff Troy Young. “We’re not going to say don’t use drugs, but if you do, use this.

  • Fire district to build new Glensboro station

    Firefighters operating out of Station 3 in Glensboro will soon have a new home.

    The Anderson County Fire District recently solicited for bids for a new facility to replace the old brick building that is filled with mold, has cracked floors and foundation and is no longer usable.

    “It has outlived its usefulness,” said Fire Chief Patrick Krogman. “It has several large cracks in the floor and constant water issues from water coming down the hill behind it.