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  • Brough a good hire for tourism, but …

    By Ben Carlson


    Column as I see ’em …

    It’s encouraging to see the tourism commission actually making some headway by hiring a paid executive director who will, ostensibly, make sure tourism is paid something aside from lip service.

    Pam Brough was hired for that job, which is similar to the one she already has as president of the chamber of commerce. She is obviously a solid choice for the position, but her selection does give one reason to pause.

  • Will you cook a turkey for me?

    When I was in journalism school one of my first photo assignments was to take pictures of 10 strangers. The pictures consisted of people of all ages, including children.
    It was an extremely awkward assignment at the time, “Excuse me, ma’am, may I take a picture of your daughter?”

  • Rotational grazing proves successful in Anderson County

    This summer the Master Grazer Educational program conducted several demonstrations across Kentucky for producers to see best management practices in place, and the benefits they possess.

    One of these demonstrations was implemented in Anderson County by David Burge. He had always utilized a continuous grazing system but was looking for ways to improve his grazing management and maximize land utilization.

  • Sweet and sour turkey great for leftovers

    The holidays are quickly approaching, and with them, the season of great eating.

    Save the Thanksgiving leftovers to provide quick meals for your family. Store leftovers promptly and reheat completely to prevent foodborne illnesses. Follow these tips to ensure your leftovers are safe to eat:

    Refrigerate leftovers within two hours of the food sitting at room temperature. Bacteria grow best at temperatures between 40 and 140 degrees F.

  • Plenty of chores despite freezing temps

    If this was 1973, or one of the next 23 years, I’d be one of those obnoxious people now sending pictures of thermometers showing 80 degrees to friends and family back home. I was in Phoenix, where winter lasts only two months, January and February. Winter is the only time that I really miss Arizona.

  • Cartoon: Michelle for Senate
  • Chamber president hired to run Tourism Commission

    By Shelley Spillman

    News staff

    Tourism has been a subject of contention in Anderson County, which was especially brought back into the limelight during in the recent election.

    Pam Brough, chairperson of the Anderson County Tourism Commission, urged the commission members to make a decision on the executive director position during a meeting Wednesday morning.

    A decision was made, and Brough was hired for the job.

  • Chef offers tips to prepare perfect, flavorful Thanksgiving turkey

    By Shelley Spillman

    News staff

    There are many ways to cook a turkey. Some Anderson News readers say they smoke their turkey, others prefer deep fried turkey, some suggest marinating in beer and honey and another reader said a simplistic salt water brine was the way to go.

    If you’re still struggling on how to prepare Thanksgiving turkey this year, try this delicious recipe, adapted by chef Kenneth Aubrey of Two Brothers restaurant in Lawrenceburg.

  • Accused wife beater’s attorney quits; bail now $125,000

    From staff reports

    The Lawrenceburg man accused of abusing his wife on multiple occasions represented himself in Anderson District Court last week after his attorney was granted a motion to quit.

    Steven Robinson, 34, of 233 Hunter Ridge Drive remains jailed in numerous charges, the latest stemming from him violating protective orders to stay away from his wife when police found him hiding in her attic Nov. 4.

  • Deadline nears for conservation funds

    From staff reports

    The USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Kentucky is encouraging landowners, farmers and producers to visit their local NRCS office now to receive information and apply for conservation technical assistance and possible financial funding opportunities.