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  • Know good stink bugs from the bad

    Stink bugs are becoming more numerous as we move into the mid-summer months; they are feeding on a wide range of agronomic and horticultural crops.

    Producers are encouraged to be on the lookout for stink bugs and their close relative, leaf-footed bugs. While they do feed on foliage of some crops, the more common damage is to the fruiting structures, the part of the plant we would like to sell.

  • Woman, five kids homeless after fire on Sea Ridge Road

    A woman and five children were left homeless when a fire destroyed their home early Monday morning at 1169 Sea Ridge Road.

    Anderson County Fire Chief said a call came in just after midnight, but by the time firefighters arrived the doublewide home was fully involved.

    “Nobody was home when we got there, thank God,” Krogman said. “There were no injuries, including fire-fighters.”

    Krogman said it remained unclear Monday afternoon what sparked the blaze.

  • Don’t let your confidence wane as retirement nears

    Americans’ confidence in their ability to retire in finan-cial comfort has rebounded considerably since the Great Recession, but worker optimism leveled off in 2016. Ac-cording to the 26th annual Retirement Confidence Sur-vey — the longest-running study of its kind conducted by Employee Benefit Research Institute in cooperation with Greenwald & Associates — worker confidence stagnated in the past year due largely to subpar market perfor-mance.


    Steve Votaw fumed as he sat in his father-in-law’s garage Monday afternoon.

    “They could have asked me to borrow anything in my shed and I would have let them,” said Votaw, who is one of dozens of victims in an ongoing crime spree in Lawrenceburg.

    “I can’t stand a liar, and I sure can’t stand a thief.”

    Votaw isn’t alone. In less than a week police have logged no fewer than 60 vehicle-related thefts, almost exclusively from unlocked cars.

  • Juvenile charged as adult in string of armed robberies

    By Ben Carlson

    News staff

    A 17-year-old Lawrenceburg youth was arraigned as an adult Tuesday for his alleged role in a string of armed robberies earlier this year.

    Paul Tomlinson, who until Tuesday was treated as a juvenile, is charged with first-degree robbery. He appeared in Anderson Circuit Court where he entered a plea of not guilty.

    No decision was made on setting a bond and Tomlinson was taken into custody and transported to the Fayette County Juvenile Detention Center.

  • Three charged with DUI had kids in cars

    By Ben Carlson

    News staff

    Police arrested three people during the past week on DUI charges while having children in their vehicles, include a Salt River Road woman who was also charged with possessing heroin with her 3-year-old daughter in the vehicle.

    Crystal Mangione, 34, of 1104 Salt River Road was stopped July 12 at a safety checkpoint by trooper Josh Satterley at the corner of Macland Drive and North Main Street, according to an arrest report.

  • Man busted for stalking local trooper

    A Harrodsburg man learned the hard way that trailing a state trooper with his high beams on then following him around Walmart is not a good idea.

    Trooper Josh Satterley arrested Jeffrey Duncan, 31, of 1444 Mackville Road on July 12 following a scuffle in the store’s parking lot and charged him with menacing, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

    The incident began when Satterley, who was off duty, left his home in Lawrenceburg to drive to Walmart around 2 a.m.

  • A daily battle

    Jacob Milberger’s life turned upside down 18 months ago.

    His mother’s did, too.

    That’s when Jacob, 12, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, a disease for which there is no cure and one she says is among the most expensive chronic diseases to treat.

    “It’s the third most expensive chronic disease in the United States,” said Jacob’s mom, Darcey Frazier. “My son is insulin dependent. If he doesn’t get it, he’ll die.”

  • Fall practice means it’s time for annual ‘discussion’

    Fall sports practices at the high school level began last week at Anderson County and about 275 other schools throughout Kentucky which means it’s time for my annual discussion/rant/informational column.

  • Fighting his toughest battle

    Rick Sallee has always been a battler and has been through it all on the athletic fields.

    As a senior at Pikeville High School, he saw Paintsville’s John Pelphrey, the future Kentucky star, hit a buzzer-beating half-court shot in the 15th Region Tournament to end Sallee’s junior season.