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  • Good deals available on garden supplies, tools

    Can you believe it’s the end of July? This month “swam” by. School starts in just two weeks and the school supplies are filling the shelves, but those aren’t the only things front and center when you walk in the door. Garden supplies are on sale now.

  • Satan at work here? Well, not exactly

    This past week, I had the opportunity to interview a mother with a very interesting story to tell — the ending was the most surprising of all.

    She called the news office and with a shaky voice explained that something very odd was happening around her property and her home. I could tell she was upset by the strange occurrences, and when I arrived on her doorstep early one morning to discuss her troubles, she quickly ushered me inside.

  • What works to repel mosquitoes

    With all of the wet weather over the past month, several folks have been calling complaining that they now have a mosquito problem. I have tried to answer questions about controlling mosquitoes, what repellents are effective as well as listing trade names as you attempt to purchase products. Please call our office at 839-7271 if you have additional questions.

    The Asian tiger mosquito (ATM) is a common pest around home landscapes.

  • Former Bearcat giving back

    It’s not often that I am in awe of someone who has played a role in some of the stories I have written.

    And it’s even more rare that someone who has worked for me can pay a visit that just blows me away.

    But then again, I have not had the privilege to work with many young men like Ben James.

    He was in town last week visiting family and friends. And he took the time to stop by my office just to chat and bring me up to speed on what he’s doing in the United States Navy.


    The past eight years have been the glory years for Anderson County High School athletics. Few would argue otherwise.

    Beginning with the 2007-2008 school year, Anderson County teams have produced 21 district championships, 11 regional titles, a state football runner-up, 11 regional runners-up, final four appearances by the girls’ basketball and softball teams, and multiple individual state tournament or state meet appearances in sports such as track, tennis or wrestling, that have places for individual qualifiers.

  • Lady Bearcats seek more improvement

    Considering the state of affairs when the girls’ high school golf season opened last year, Anderson County’s eighth-place finish in the 17-team Region 7 Tournament was nothing short of remarkable.

    Graduation had already hit the Lady Bearcats with Kaitlyn Riley, who had been to four state tournaments as an individual qualifier, moving on to the University of the Cumberlands. She was the last of a trio – Taylor Gillis and Anna-Marie Hyatt had gone before her – to play at Anderson and go on to compete at the college level.

  • Deep Bearcats aiming for state

    It still pains Anderson County to think about those hurting backs that popped up the day of the Region 4 Boys’ Golf Tournament last year.

    The day before, the Bearcats had mastered the Connemara course, located just outside of Nicholasville. Anderson’s five golfers turned in an impressive 306, fueling a mountain of confidence and expectations.

    That was Monday.

  • Anderson archers on target in NASP World Championship Tournament

    The Anderson County High School archery team placed 11th out of 78 teams competing in the National Archery in the Schools World Tournament, held Saturday in Nashville, Tenn.

    Anderson County compiled a 3,377 score out of a possible 3,600. The local archers also scored 189 tens, or bullseyes, out of a possible 360.

    According to the NASP website, Anderson’s Chance Wayne finished 52nd out of 2,633 male competitors, scoring a 289, out of a perfect 300. Teammate Cameron Peyton also scored 289 but was placed 62nd as Wayne recorded 21 tens to Peyton’s 19.

  • Thompson second in NASP tourney

    From staff reports

    Anderson County Middle School student Henry Thompson placed second in the National Archery in the Schools Program World Tournament, held over the weekend in Nashville, Tenn.

    Thompson, competing as a sixth-grader, scored 294 out of 300 possible points. Thompson’s total was second among all middle school students but won the sixth-grade boys’ competition.

    The Anderson team finished ninth out of 90 teams.

  • Queen of the Bluegrass champs