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  • 2015 Anderson County Homecoming Parade

    Scenes from the Anderson County High School 2015 Homecoming parade

  • Dunbar simply hands Bearcats a difficult loss

    Dunbar was so old school in its 21-7 win over Anderson County Friday night, one might have sworn the Bulldogs had a player or two wearing leather helmets.

    Ok. Ok. The Bulldogs' uniforms and gear were as stylish as any to be seen on a football field in 2015, but their modus operandi was more of a throwback than some of those duds NFL teams wear from time to time.


    Zach Toles fist pumped. He pumped again. Then came the huge smile of relief.

    Eat your heart out, Boo Weakley. This one was sweet for Toles and the Bearcats.

    The Anderson County senior had just dropped a difficult 20-foot putt on the 18th hole that, for all practical purposes, sealed the Bearcats' berth in the state high school golf tournament Monday afternoon at Wild Turkey Trace.

  • Lady Bearcats win on Senior Day; Rzendzian second in Mercer XC meet

    The Anderson County girls' golf team finished its regular season Saturday at the West Jessamine Invitational, held on a rain-soaked Connemara Golf Course in Nicholasville.

    “We just had three available players, therefore we were not eligible for a team score,” Anderson coach Robert Hanks said.

    Christina Montgomery led Anderson with an 85 followed by Amy Kate Smith's 100 and Cheyenne Searcy shooting 102 over the 18 holes.

  • No need to push panic button

    It would be mighty easy to push the panic button on Anderson County football right now.

    It would also be foolish. Very foolish.

    Of course the-sky-is-falling crowd will be talking about everything coming down on the Bearcats harder than the rain that soaked Friday's homecoming matchup with Dunbar. They will like to point to the fact that Anderson has not lost three straight games, like it has this fall, since, well, who knows?

  • Russell named Mid-South’s Offensive Player of the Week

    Campbellsville’s Jacob Russell has been honored at the Mid-South Conference Offensive Player of the Week, conference officials announced Monday.

    He joins Cumberlands’ (Ky.) Wendall Williams, Special Teams Player of the Week; and Faulkner’s (Ala.) Keylan Smith, Defensive Player of the Week, in this week’s performance awards.

  • We’re doing just fine, thank you

    Column as I see ’em …

    Being that those reading this newspaper are the ones paying the bills around here, I figured the onset of National Newspaper Week (Oct. 4-10) is the perfect time to give you a state of your newspaper address of sorts.

    Unlike politicians who spin a lot of misery into fool’s gold, I’ll simply stick to the facts and get to it.

  • Amaze your friends with this very unique use of vodka

    Well, it’s here. Equal days and equal nights just cruised into town.

    Fall marks that slow march into more dark than light, for our non-summer pleasure. October does have its good points. As the chlorophyll levels drop in the leaves, their true colors pop. Bight gold next to crimson red sure makes for a beautiful sight. We also don’t have to mow as much, thought this drought helped us with that one.

  • Now’s a perfect time to have soil analyzed

    Fall is a great time to take soil samples for fertility analyses.

    Doing it now can allow you plenty of time to follow fertility recommendations before planting season, and that could end up saving you time and money.

    When you receive the soil test results, look at the recommendations for lime and pH, a measure of soil acidity that affects plants’ uptake of all nutrients. If the soil pH is too low, it decreases the uptake of essential nutrients, and elements like aluminum and manganese can become toxic to growing plant roots.

  • Dunbar, not rain, dampens Bearcat homecoming

    About all anyone needed for an explanation of Dunbar's 21-7 upset of Anderson County Friday night was found about a third of the way down the listing of team statistics.

    Total offense: Dunbar 306, Anderson County 140.

    On a rain-soaked field, Dunbar got its third straight win of the high school football season while Anderson went down to defeat for the third straight Friday night.