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  • State fair harkens back to days of self-reliance

    It’s state fair time. Growing up, visiting the state fair was a big to-do. My cousins all had animals to show and I used to envy them getting to stay at the fair overnight. I’m sure it was an adventure, but not very comfortable.

    I loved walking through the barns and then watching the shows. That was a lot of responsibility for kids and they did it all, feed, water, bathe, groom, repeat. They did it night after night and won ribbons and money for their hard work. Never mess with a kid who can walk a cow on a leash.

  • Are local monument’s days numbered?

    Like it or not, the Confederate soldier statue in front of our glorious old county courthouse is an endangered species.

    Like nearly every social construct or traditional value, monuments to those who fought on the losing end of the Civil War are and will continue to be under withering assault from those who loathe our nation’s founding, and in particular, its founders.

    No pun intended, but those radicals are like patience on a statue, and are relentless in their incremental approach to force the changes they want.

  • City tax rates to remain flat

    City taxpayers won’t likely pay a higher property tax rate this fall.

    The Lawrenceburg City Council heard a first reading last week to keep its property tax rate flat at $1.95 per $1,000 in assessed value, along with lowering the tax rate on personal property from $3.07 per $1,000 to $2.35.

    The property tax rate is expected to generate about $10,000 more than it did the year before, thanks for a slight uptick in growth during the past year, after several years of declining property values.

  • Seniors upset after Adult Day facility closes its doors

    After being a part of the community for over 25 years, Anderson County Adult Day closed its doors last Friday.

    The program was part of the Bluegrass Community Action, and those locally seeking day care for the elders in their lives will now have to look in surrounding counties for a center to which they can take them.

    Executive Director Troy Roberts did not respond to questions about why the facility closed.

  • Commission begins hammering out new tourism director’s role

    The joint Lawrenceburg/Anderson County Tourism Commission is working quickly to engage its new Executive Director Kendall Clinton into the community, and spent last week’s meeting diving deeper into defining his position.

    Almost two weeks into his new role, the discussion mostly focused on items such as approvals for Clinton to join other tourism associations, approval for incidental spending, and a discussion of whether the new executive director should have a flex schedule.

  • Spears graduates from state police academy

    William C. Spears of Lawrenceburg was among 41 new troopers to be presented a diploma from the Kentucky State Police Academy during a ceremony last week in Frankfort, according to a news release.

    Spears will be assigned to Post 12 in Frankfort.

    The graduating class brings the agency’s strength to a total of 866 troopers.

  • DUI suspect crashes semi into McD’s parking lot

    The driver of a tractor-trailer that crashed through a fence and into the McDonald’s parking lot near West Park Plaza was charged with DUI after telling police he took of his grandmother’s pain pills, according to police reports.

    A tractor-trailer driven by Taylor Morgan Henry, 22, of Pleasureville crashed through the fence alongside U.S. 127 before coming to rest in the drive-thru lane at McDonald’s.

  • Unwavering faith during the most turbulent times

    We are living in an unbelievable time in the history of this world. Never in history have we had so much.

    Technology, knowledge and riches abound that were only a few years ago unimaginable.

     But these incredible changes may also lead to many into bondage.

    The bondage of debt, self-reliance and sin, and people living their lives independent from God.

    There is strife at every turn, whether from threat of nuclear war or global economic down turn or terrorism.

  • Church briefs

    Sand Spring Baptist

    to hold single service

    Sand Spring Baptist has announced it will hold Sunday school on Aug. 27 at 9:30 a.m..

    The service will be followed by one service for the Lord’s Supper at 10:30 a.m. All are welcome.

    Taylorsville All Saints Catholic Church announces second Sunday Mass

    The All Saints Catholic Church, located at 410 Main Cross St., Taylorsville, announced it would begin having a second Sunday Mass starting Sept. 10.

  • Cauliflower a healthy alternative

    It seems that every day something new hits the market in terms of food, diets, and even ways of eating. It’s confusing and often, overwhelming. Should you eat carbs? Should you juice? Is it better to eat whole grains? Does green tea really help to lose weight? How safe are the “magic bullet” shakes and supplements?