• Is a three-day workweek feasible?

    Carlos Sims, the second richest man in the world, recently advocated for a global three-day workweek at a conference in Paraguay. Though the concept of a shorter workweek isn’t new, Sims’ comments have opened up an ongoing debate of Americans being overworked.

    Under Sims’ proposal, employees would work 11-hour shifts, making the work total 33 hours.

    “Four days off would be very important to generate new entertainment activities and other ways of being occupied,” Sims was quoted in The Washington Post.

  • Get Well, Senator Ford

    I am one of those guys that writes my congressman.

    No, I don't write about everything that comes up, but every so often some current issue, personal interaction with the government or proposed legislation prompts me to sit down at the computer and type out a few hundred words. Usually after giving it a day or so to rehash in my mind, I give the post office some change and send it on.

  • Centre’s good offer for Grimes, McConnell debate

    Kentucky New Era, Hopkinsville

    An offer Thursday from Centre College to host a debate between Kentucky’s U.S. Senate candidates — incumbent Republican Mitch McConnell and Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes — ought to light fire under the question of whether these two can agree on debate terms.

    They should debate.

    So far, though, Grimes and McConnell have not come to terms.

    Essentially, each accuses the other of political maneuvering on the details of when, where and how to debate.

  • Why can’t the city and county work together?

    I’ve asked myself this question a lot lately. Why are these two governing entities constantly at odds?

    It seems like they both want the same things but simply cannot work together. Case and point, the county swimming pool and the city splash park.

  • White House or Bust!
  • Publisher is blind if he thinks these are really ‘just plain nice folks’

    Concerning your good-bye letter in the July 2, 2014 issue, you stated that you were impressed with law enforcement and we should count our selves lucky as you have experienced living in cities where status, self service and fear is the top motivator.

    You are in a position of stature. You see only what they want you to see. I live here and am of the working disabled poor.

    I “see” a different reality, one created by experience.

  • Many youth are ineligible for military service

    Two-thirds of U.S. youth are unqualified to serve in the military, according to the Pentagon.

    The top shortcomings that restrict youth for being able to serve in the military are physical, behavioral issues, no high school diploma, prescription medicine for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, tattoos and ear gauge pierces.

  • You admit your mamma was a hater, too
  • Thanks for nuthin
  • Tough night in the ER