• City’s step toward tourism development is commendable

    The City of Lawrenceburg passed its Fiscal Year 2014-15 budget without a hitch last week and, along with it, took the first steps toward serious tourism development.

    They were baby steps, for sure, but steps nonetheless.

    In the budget, the City dedicated $100,000 to cover promotions, capital outlay, training and salaries and benefits.

    What this City-funded office will look like hasn’t quite been fleshed out but it’s a start. And it’s a commendable start, indeed.

  • Does toooooo... say it, Benghazi matters
  • We need your help to spread this important information

    We’re excited about next week’s issue. It will be chock full of great information, particularly about the Primary Election.

    But there’s something really special about it, something that rarely happens. It will go to every household in Anderson County!

    We can’t do that very often. Occasionally, we do it to show our non-subscribers what they are missing in hopes that they will want to read Anderson County’s main news source regularly from now on.

  • Cartoon editorial 05.07.14
  • Georgia gun bill produces differing opinions

    I’ll keep this short and sweet since we had so many great letters from our readers this week.

    I’m riding the fence so tightly that I’m getting splinters in my nether region.

    Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has signed the Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014, or the “guns everywhere bill,” depending on your views.

    Is this bad legislation? I’m truly not sure.

  • When close our ears, we close our minds

    Just this week I was browsing my facebook profile and catching up with what’s going on in friends’ lives like I often do and noticed a startling trend of people unfriending those with different political or religious views.

  • Speak up, rock the boat, roar... shoot, just use your voice

    My favorite part of any newspaper is the editorial section. We call ours the Opinion page. It’s the most critical component of a local newpaper, in my opinion.

    But it can also be a revealing page and not just because it tells the public’s view on a myriad of topics. When the Opinion page of a community newspaper is anemic, that is, lacking the voice of its readers, it’s a sign of apathy or a lack of belief in the power of a single voice.

  • Legislative session mostly successful, few issues missed

    Bowling Green Daily News

    The 2014 General Assembly session has officially ended, and overall, we believe our legislators did a good job for the people of this state during their time in Frankfort.

    One lawmaker, state Rep. Jim DeCesare, R-Ky., gave their performance an “A”. We would agree with DeCesare’s assessment.

  • Anderson Co. needs a bona fide tourism bureau, like, immediately

    Even if you don’t drink Wild Turkey or hunt wild turkey, you have to admit that the work the Wild Turkey distillery has done to increase visitor traffic to Anderson County is pretty remarkable.

    This community is truly blessed with a corporate citizen that not only provides positive notoriety but also jobs and taxes. And just a few miles away is Four Roses, another great bourbon job/tax producer and tourist attraction.

  • Court ruling a major victory for landowners

    The State Journal

    In his ruling Tuesday on the Bluegrass Pipeline, Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd said much the same as several legislators pushing for a bill addressing the issue of eminent domain.

    Shepherd’s decision saying the company does not have the power of eminent domain doesn’t preclude the construction of a pipeline through Kentucky; it only stops the real or threatened seizure of property from unwilling landowners.