• Sandbox 'disgusting'

    To the editor:

    The [above] sandbox in the county is disgusting and it has looked like this for years.
    During every visit with my son there’s a battle over that nauseating thing.
    If the county doesn’t want to put sand in it, take the darn thing out!
    Brandissa Michelotti Tackett

  • Project Graduation a worthwhile cause

    To the editor:

    First and foremost, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to each business, individual or group that has eagerly contributed to the 2015 Project Graduation Event.

    If you have contributed in the past and have not been contacted this year for a contribution, we apologize and would like to take this opportunity to appeal to our community to help with the costs associated with this event.

    Project Graduation is funded entirely by donations and is coordinated by a group of parents of the 2015 graduating class.

  • EMTs, paramedics deserve praise

    To the editor:

    I want to call attention to the members of Anderson County Emergency Medical Services who, day in and out, are available to answer the call to help aid and assist the citizens of this county in their times of acute injury, illness or any crisis.

    They are trained to meet any and all medical emergencies and to transport the injured, ill and those in need to hospitals for life-saving care.

  • Parking lot fracas not true representative of congregation

    Last week’s edition of The Anderson News carried a front page article about a fracas of some sort on the parking lot of First Baptist Church.

    The altercation occurred in connection with a basketball game held in the church’s gym. It was a very unfortunate event. News though it may be, I agree with the church’s pastor who questioned whether the story deserved front-page coverage, though I realize my judgment is that of a fellow pastor not a newsman.

  • Suspicious of increased water bills

    I’ve heard similar complaints from others, so I’m going to vent for a moment.

    My wife and I have lived in the same house for over 10 years. Our water bill (South Anderson) has been consistent each month since we’ve lived here. Sure, there was the occasional summer month where we’d water the yard during a drought here and there but generally from month to month they charged us for roughly 3,000 gallons of water for our household. It was almost like clockwork. We just knew what our charges would be each month.

  • Christians: Let’s unite in prayer

    To the editor:

    This letter is for all of the Christians in Anderson County.

    As the New York Daily News hit the stands, its editorial pages had been stripped of the scheduled copy and, instead, the newspaper published the Lord’s Prayer.

  • Don’t miss opportunity to vote

    To the editor:

    Hundreds of thousands of young Americans are serving our military to preserve our way of life, and yet fewer and fewer citizens are participating in our democracy.

    May 19 is primary election day when Kentuckians will be selecting candidates for governor, commissioner of agriculture, and other constitutional officers.

    Members of Anderson County Farm Bureau hope every voter will make their voices heard by casting informed votes for our government leaders.

  • Diabetes takes close family friend

    To the editor:

    It was a sad day for our family April 8. We had to put down our dog, Bear, because of his diabetes.

    He was blind and his liver was failing He stopped eating and when he did, it would come back up.

    He became very weak and started to wobble when he walked, it was very hard for him to get up and move around.

    It was time for him to give it up.

    Bear was a kind, gentle and loving dog. He loved kids and adults alike.

    He will always be in our hearts and minds. We dearly miss him. We love you, Bear.

  • N word shouldn’t be used at all

    To the editor:

    I am going to cut to the chase with Sports Editor John Herndon’s column last week titled “Harrison’s words a reflection of society.”

    The one line, “Some downplay the racial slur as common language among young African Americans.” Yes, I noticed he said “some,” but it’s now just as much, if not more of young Caucasian males and females throwing the N word around as everyday common language.

  • Big shout out to firefighters

    To the editor:

    I am writing to send a big thank you to the men and women in the local volunteer dire department who came to our rescue April 1.

    My hero, my son Kaleb Diaz who is 10 years old, called 911 and the fire and rescue were there within minutes to extinguish the fire that had gotten out of control when simply trying to burn leaves in the ditch line.