• Prayer Walk exalted Jesus Christ

    To the editor:
    On Sept. 21, many people from our community came together for the Anderson County Prayer Walk.  Although we did not get to walk due to the weather, those in attendance accomplished our goal: to exalt Jesus Christ and to be unified in our prayers for Anderson County.
    We would like to thank everyone who made the gathering possible. To all the people who gave of their time, talent and treasure, we say, “May God richly bless you!”

  • Must be willing to allow all ‘brands’ of prayer

    To the editor:
    I am writing in regards to the matter of the separation of church and state, and how it has recently affected our community, namely our school system.
    I do not profess to be a history, constitutional or theology scholar (or any other type of scholar for that matter) but feel compelled, indeed obligated, to speak out.

  • Thanks for fundraiser help

    To the editor:
    The Bobby Best fundraiser this past Saturday was a success. I personally would like to thank everyone who attended, rode in the Poker Run, donated items for the silent auction, donated their time to organize this event, and especially Cummins Irish Pub for hosting the event. Thanks also goes to The Anderson News and WLEX 18 for covering the event.

  • Don’t let what happened in Great Britain happen here

    Editor’s note: The following speech was given at the Sept. 23 school board meeting in response to legal guidance given to the district regarding the distribution of religious materials and religious speech. Philip Cooke is a native of London, England, and received U.S. citizenship two years ago. He is currently employed by the Anderson County school district in the transportation department.

    To the editor:
    As some of you may know, and now all of you that hear me speak will understand, I’m not from around here.

  • Visit booth during Kids Festival

    To the editor:
     My name is Mary C. Moore. I am president and founder of End The Cycle, Inc. I was born in Frankfort. This ministry has roots in Frankfort and Lawrenceburg. My very first interview was with a lady named Shannon at The Anderson News a few years back.

  • News Hound needs a name

    To the editor:
    Have you considered naming the hound in the “I Found the Hound” promotion Flash, my personal favorite, or Sherlock or Ghost Rider or something?
    I mean the poor guy needs a name or should just be placed in the pound and remain anonymous.
    I jest, of course, because I would adopt the critter just to give him a name and let him hang out on our front porch to do whatever hounds do.

  • McConnell, GOP letting ‘families go hungry’

    To the editor:
    I am an American, a veteran and a patriot. I truly love my country. However, when I read my country, the richest and most powerful nation on earth, would take food out of our children’s mouths, it fills me with a profound sadness and a very healthy anger. Have we as a nation grown so apathetic that we are content to ignore the working poor? Pretend they don’t exist? Maybe if you just turn your head and close your eyes, they will go away.

  • Liberals, GOP won’t protect you

    To the editor:
    With all due respect to Professor McHugh, his recent defense of Bush II’s foreign policy provokes some questions.
    Who has killed more innocent Americans – Osama bin Laden or Planned Parenthood? What’s the more imminent danger to what we cherish – some tribal warlords on the other side of the planet or ACLU lawyers?
    Why has so much of our blood and treasure been spent on patrolling Iraq’s borders, when our government can’t – or rather won’t – secure our own?

  • Christian leadership on display

    To the editor:
    It’s amazing to live in small town America where one can be reminded that “friendly, growing Lawrenceburg, Kentucky” can still be a place where the climate and culture of what made us great as a nation still exists.
    It was great to see the emotion of our small part of the world step forward when all of the controversy surrounding whether or not we could pray developed last week. It was wonderful for a football team to see the emotions of a coach who was willing to stand up for what he believes in as a Christian.

  • Parent offended by prayer policy

    This past Friday night at our high school football game I had the opportunity to join a group of people that wanted to pray. Our right to pray is under attack and those that are in leadership roles are not standing up for us. They are hiding behind excuses and running scared from the ACLU. Does praying really offend them? Does it really offend you? You say, yes? That is your right.