• Sue Lou Smith takes music students to new levels

    My son is a junior at Anderson County High School and has been very actively involved in the Advanced Choir, Men’s Choir, All-State Choir and has had starring roles in the spring musicals for the past 3 years. He has achieved all of this due to a teacher at the high school.

    I would like to say a few words about Mrs. Sue Lou Smith, the choir director and musical director.

  • Government tramples 2nd Amendment rights

    I am sincerely curious. This isn’t just a rhetorical question, whether you’d be “riding the fence” about a miniscule restoration of 1st Amendment rights if our government trampled those as they do the 2nd Amendment?

    Suppose, specifically, that:

    •If you gave your neighbor, on her way to the store, money to buy you a newspaper and she does, you’ve both committed felonies.

    •It’s a felony to possess a newspaper within 1,000 feet of a school unless there’s a state “newspaper anywhere” law.

  • There are bigger issues than the baseball scoreboard

    While reading a recent edition of The Anderson News, I was disappointed by the fact that there were two large articles about the baseball scoreboard and how it’s a shame that it’s not working correctly, although I agree.

  • Experience is a reminder of the greatness of this town

    I would like to extend some props to a wonderful few instances.

    First, a few weeks ago, my ruby red Nissan pickup truck decided not to start in the Kroger parking lot near the drive thru pharmacy.

    As I waited an hour for assistance from AAA, some 20 or so passing motorists offered their aid and repeatedly I said thank you to their neighborly offers and inquiries.

    That is truly a testament to our city and county is the friendly manner of the many. To those, let me again say, I really appreciate your efforts.

  • Opinion piece did not fairly portray Family Court judge

    We read with great interest the opinion piece in a recent issue regarding Family Court Judge John David Myles. The portrayal of Judge Myles could not be further from our experience with him and his Court.

  • Brian Glass should have his coaching job reinstated
  • Magistrates should speak to constituents regularly

    The publisher of the Anderson News says, "Vote or Keep Your Mouth Shut." OK, a bit in harsh, but I agree with the sentiment. I’ll vote but before we get to Election Day, I’d like to challenge all those running for office. I live in the county so that’s my focus but it applies in the city as well.

  • The government can't fix everything but God can

    Each time this country has gone through an unimaginable ordeal, God has prepared has spiritually. Just as the Great Awakening readied us for the War for Independence, revival swept the land in 1858, preparing North and South for what was about to happen.

    Following God’s plan requires us following Jesus’ Great Commandments: to love God with all our heart and mind and soul and being, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. If we would do that, God would bless us.

  • Wall column did not tell the whole story about a case

    The opinion column of Rebecca Wall (We need to judge this judge, My Word, Feb. 12) set forth her opinion of Judge John David Myles. Her divorce was filed in 2004. The court record of her case shows it was first settled in 2004, before Judge Myles was appointed and subsequently elected. Ms. Wall had several attorneys throughout the pendency of her case and all of whom have apparently withdrawn. After the last attorney withdrew, Ms. Wall mediated her case for a second time and an agreement was reached.

  • City council should address lack of development

    While I was reading the front page of The Anderson News last week, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Mayor Edwinna Baker was talking about economic development in our community.

    Lawrenceburg is a great little town and it is steadily growing into a nice sized town, a town that I proudly call home. Now that being said, let me tell you about the laughter.

    When I think about 80,000 or so people coming to see our little town, what are they going to think when they look for a nice restaurant downtown to eat at? What will they think when they see a ghost town?