• County clerk, elections board made right call

    To the editor:
    The Help America Vote Act, passed in 2002, requires that all locations be accessible for every individual with a disability.
    Federal and state laws require that every voting location be accessible. This includes accessible parking, the path of travel to the entrance, the building entrance, the hall leading to the voting area and the voting area. The voting area must have adequate space for a registration table, all voting booths and the accessible voting machines.

  • Please bring joy to the living, too

    To the editor:
    The recent upheaval concerning the city council’s cemetery policy reminded me of my deceased mother’s precious advice, “Bring my roses while I’m alive.”
    I have tried to take her advice and give my “roses” to friends and family while they are living. I get to see them enjoy them and it prevents less problems at the gravesite.
    I understand, as a nurse, the importance of grieving at the place of interment, but the joy of giving sure makes good time memories.

  • Are you ready to meet God?

    To the editor:
    I am sure that if you watch the news at all, you saw the stories about Harold Camping last week and his predictions that the world would come to an end May 21.  He even went so far as to give the time of day that we could expect the rapture: 6 p.m.
    He and his followers spent millions to advertise and warn people of the impending doomsday. But after much debate and money spent, May 21 came and went and we are still here.  

  • Conway, Denny bad, Brandon Hurley good

    To the editor:
    I just hate politics.
    Any system where leadership is dictated by a popularity contest instead of education or experience is critically flawed.
    Let’s take a look at our newly elected County Judge John Wayne Conway. Since January, he has proposed increasing the county’s budget $500,000. That’s considerable in the worst economy most of us have ever seen. Unemployment is rampant, so what does our illustrious leader do but follow suit with the Democratic, Obama-style governing and spend, spend, spend.

  • Petition formed to reign in library

    To the editor:
    The May 18 issue of The Anderson News stated that the Anderson Public Library had $375,000 included in the budget just passed for retirement of one-half of the remaining building debt.
    The stated plan also called for paying off the remaining $375,000 the next budget year. Next budget year the Library’s baseline budget will bring in another $375,000 without an additional tax increase because of the compensating rate requirement that the revenue for that year not be less than the year before.

  • Some helpful, some not on college paper

    To the editor:
    In recent weeks I was given my final assignment for my English 101 class at Bluegrass Community and Technical College here in town.
    We were told to choose a political issue that affected our county in which we felt strongly about. I chose that we, as a county, lack full-time female patrol officers and want to point out that the city police department did all but refuse me information.
    I was very disappointed in the way I was treated and felt as though I was ignored and denied information that as a citizen of this town I have a right to know.

  • Support for Rothenburger

    To the editor:
    I am writing to acknowledge my support for Shelby County Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger for Kentucky’s next Agriculture Commissioner and to ask for your support.

  • Cemetery policy is much too strict

    To the editor:
    The rulers of the cemetery have spoken and I’m confident many hearts are troubled.
    Yes, I agree there are some gravesites that are overstated to say the least. Many, including that of my parents, are well maintained and conservative.
    It is hard for me to understand how the removal of these concrete floral urns honoring my parents will ease mowing. The urns are placed against the monument and should create no additional problems. The flowers are nurtured and watered several times weekly, all of which allows some moments of reflection.

  • Please remember National Day of Prayer

    To the editor:
    In recent years, many people have tried to discredit America’s Christian roots. I am concerned that Christians are deliberately giving up a freedom to enjoy joining corporately to pray for our nation.
    In 1775, the Continental Congress asked the colonies to pray for wisdom in forming a nation. Many times since then, our nation has been called to prayer and the first Thursday of May each year has been designated as the annual observance for the National Day of Prayer (Public Law 100-307-May 5, 1988)

  • ‘Older Americans: Connecting the Community’

    To the editor:
    Every May since 1963, people all across our country have celebrated the enormous contributions of older Americans.
    The Anderson Senior Center is joining in the festivities with a full month of special activities and events, spotlighting the contributions of our seniors to our community.