Today's Opinions

  • A budget deficit that never was

    The fiscal court’s decision last Tuesday not to borrow $400,000 to balance its budget laid to rest any doubt that there ever was a budget deficit.

    Did the previous fiscal court burn off a large amount of cash putting together a recycling program that was ultimately doomed to fail? Sure it did; no one is questioning that.

    What I am questioning is why there was ever discussion of a deficit in the first place.

  • Programs exist to help you find affordable housing

    Housing is usually the biggest expense for a family, whether you are a family of one or 10 people. Help is available with housing costs for families who qualify.
    There are more programs available than the ones mentioned below. Please read this even if it doesn’t fit your situation. You may be able to help someone else in the future by telling them about HUD housing rentals and sales and the Good Neighbor Next Door program.

  • Elected liars don’t care about you

    To the editor:

  • Teen programming at library cause for concern

    To the editor:

    We have some very great concerns about the Anderson Public Library’s teen programming.
    As young adults, there are no programs for people our age. We were allowed to partake in the teen programs, however, since several staff changes, the rules have been changed to prevent us from being a part of the teen programs. We were told to join the adult programs, which are far and few in between.

  • Why are property values falling? All you need to do is look around

    To the editor:

  • Tobacco growers should watch for blue mold

    On June 2, active blue mold was found in a greenhouse in Greenville, Tennesee and in field plants that were set from the same greenhouse.

  • Now is the time to fertilize your garden

    It’s the popping season. Blooms are popping open and turning into fruit. Visually it is a wonder to watch. Whether it’s a flower, fruit or veggie, it’s fun to watch the changes as the growing takes place.
    Tomatoes are especially cool because we get such a big red fruit from such a tiny yellow flower. Watermelons and cucumbers also follow that same fast forward path. Beans and peppers start with a little white blossom. No matter the color, the result is the same, food from flowers.

  • Dad’s lessons still resonate

    “Hello, may I speak with Mr. Barker?”
    I sigh and start my well-rehearsed speech, explaining to the caller they have reached Ricki Barker the younger and that I am the female Ricki in my family.
    My father and I share many things: a love of animals, good books, lemon meringue pie and a name.
    The latter similarity has led to many humorous moments throughout the years.