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  • Alfalfa weevil is key pest of the first alfalfa cutting

    Alfalfa weevil is a key insect pest on the first alfalfa cutting. Tip feeding should show up soon in established fields.

    This insect occurs throughout the state, but sound management practices, weather patterns, and natural enemies often keep numbers below damaging levels in many fields.

    Great natural mortality of alfalfa weevil can occur early in the weevil season. Strong winds and driving rain can knock small larvae to the ground where they perish. In addition, alfalfa can tolerate light feeding by the insect with no appreciable loss of yield or quality.

  • Diabetes takes close family friend

    To the editor:

    It was a sad day for our family April 8. We had to put down our dog, Bear, because of his diabetes.

    He was blind and his liver was failing He stopped eating and when he did, it would come back up.

    He became very weak and started to wobble when he walked, it was very hard for him to get up and move around.

    It was time for him to give it up.

    Bear was a kind, gentle and loving dog. He loved kids and adults alike.

    He will always be in our hearts and minds. We dearly miss him. We love you, Bear.

  • A loss that lessens Anderson County

    By Ben Carlson

    Column as I see’em …

    I’ve been rationing the homemade pickled beets she gave me several months ago in an effort to make them last.

    Not that getting a treat from Janette was uncommon. Without warning, the woman I came to consider the queen of western Anderson County would sometimes drop in unannounced and lay some of her fabulous kitchen creations on my desk.

  • Addressing misunderstandings, concerns from 2015 session

    By Julian Carroll, State senator

    Since concluding the 2015 legislative session, I have had the opportunity to finish reading e-mails and phone messages from many of your readers. I appreciate everyone who shared his or her concerns with me. Below I have attempted to address some of the concerns and questions as well as respond to possible misunderstandings.

    State employee compensation

  • Grow ginger to ease colds, soothe muscles

    Let’s all toast the sun. Life is bursting out all over. The trees are either budding or blooming, and the lawns are verdant green. It’s those over achievers in the yard that are driving me crazy. Those military tough broadleaf weeds and wild garlic just want to be outstanding. Before you break out the mowers, let’s hit them with a little killer.

  • Learn how to manage diabetes

    There are about 370,000 people diagnosed with diabetes in Kentucky. This number may be larger if we consider that an additional 137,000 individuals are undiagnosed, making a total of 507,000 living with diabetes. Kentucky has the sixth highest rate of diabetes in the nation, making it important for us to take action.

  • N word shouldn’t be used at all

    To the editor:

    I am going to cut to the chase with Sports Editor John Herndon’s column last week titled “Harrison’s words a reflection of society.”

    The one line, “Some downplay the racial slur as common language among young African Americans.” Yes, I noticed he said “some,” but it’s now just as much, if not more of young Caucasian males and females throwing the N word around as everyday common language.

  • Big shout out to firefighters

    To the editor:

    I am writing to send a big thank you to the men and women in the local volunteer dire department who came to our rescue April 1.

    My hero, my son Kaleb Diaz who is 10 years old, called 911 and the fire and rescue were there within minutes to extinguish the fire that had gotten out of control when simply trying to burn leaves in the ditch line.