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  • ‘Summer slump’ is a sign of fescue toxicosis

    Tall fescue is a popular grass for Kentucky pastures for many reasons — it is hardy and tolerates drought, has a root system that aids in controlling erosion and can stand up to heavy grazing.

    Farmers can even stockpile it for winter grazing. However, an endophyte fungus that commonly infects the plant can affect livestock. Summertime tends to be peak time for fungus-related problems.

  • The melting pot is boiling

    The world lately has become a pretty scary mess.

    A gay nightclub in Orlando gets held hostage by a terrorist who killed 49 and wounded 53 people in the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in American history. It was also the deadliest terror attack in the United States since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

  • Letters to the Editor

    To the editor:

    On Nov. 8, District 53 like the rest of Kentucky has a choice to make.

    For the Communication Workers of America (CWA), we have chosen to endorse James Sargent for Kentucky state representative in the 53rd District.

    Sargent has been a member of CWA for years and has consistently given of himself to help improve the conditions of those around him. We have endorsed

  • These men, women are always on duty

    Column as I see ’em …

    Mowing, weeding flower beds and sanding a new wooden vegetable bin for my daughter were all put on hold several times over the my Fourth of July weekend, as was just trying to take some time off.

    Each time I’d make a few laps around the yard on the Cub Cadet or load a fresh piece of sandpaper, duty — newspaper duty, that is — would call.

    One was to the river, where an elderly man’s Ranger boat lost when it tangled with a large tree jutting up from the murky water.

  • Treat plants like pregnant mothers

    I think we all know that I don’t exactly act my age. You may see me riding a grocery cart across the parking lot or crawling in the grass with a 2-year-old.

    I’m enjoying the moment with all I’ve got. That said, last Friday night I was like a kid waiting for Santa. Except that I was waiting to see everyone at the stand on Saturday.

  • Smarter approach needed for criminal justice

    By Gov. Matt Bevin

    and Justice and Public Safety Cabinet Sec. John Tilley

    We’ve reached a critical point in Kentucky — one where our prisons and jails are full, overdose deaths continue to rise and far too many children have parents who are imprisoned.

    We can no longer afford to cling to the outdated idea that prison is the only way to effectively hold people accountable for their crimes. Instead, we need to take a smarter, more measured approach to criminal justice.

  • Be on lookout for vegetable diseases

    Kentucky vegetable growers should be on the lookout for bacterial spot of pepper this week. As the most common disease of pepper in Kentucky, homeowners or growers not actively using preventative practices will likely experience at least some bacterial spot.

  • Letter to the Editor

    To the editor:

    I would like to publicly thank and commend Det. Jeremy Cornish of the Lawrenceburg Police Department.

    Very recently I was given cause to rely upon this law enforcement agency to recover property stolen from me. Had it not been for their diligence, I would have never seen my items again nor would justice have prevailed.

    I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have toward the Lawrenceburg Police Department and Det. Cornish.