Today's Opinions

  • Fiscal court has bills issues of its own

    Column as I see ’em …

    For all of the handwringing and gnashing of teeth that has been done over some shirts and parkas purchased by the coroner’s office, the fiscal court would better redirect its efforts in cleaning up its own fiscal shortcomings.

    Again this year, the fiscal court has received what amounts to a lousy state audit, complete with a note that you, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, fronted about $200 to provide training for a non-county employee.

  • Letter to the Editor

    To the editor:

    I’m writing this letter concerning items taken from my husband’s grave at the Lawrenceburg Cecmetery.

    In five years, I’ve had four items taken — a saddlestone, two Styrofoam ball arrangements and a toy John Deere tractor.

    This year, my sister Valerie Taylor; Fay Banks who works in crafts; and I made Styrofoam arrangements, of purple and lavender flowers, beads, foliage and net silver ribbon. Fay made the remark that someone would take it because it was really pretty.

  • Leave well enough alone, Mr. Obama

    Column as I see ’em …

    I’ll begin this week by weighing in on Obama’s latest mandate on how school districts must obey his so-called “guidelines” on transgender bathrooms and whatnot.

    As I’ve made clear before, if these observations aren’t politically correct enough for you, too bad. I have not, and do not ever intend to be, politically corrected.

  • Unhappy plants? Give them a new home

    I pass by a lot of yards every day. I love to look at the variety. Some are well manicured and designed for ease of mowing and maintenance. Some are filled with arbors, benches and pots. Some have multiple shades of green and some offer a riot of color.

    Your yard says a lot about you. It tells how much time you spend working to keep things beautiful. Mine is a mix of what I like to call tamed and untamed cattle fields.

  • Clearance shopping will help you save

    Another question I get asked a lot is, “How do you get clothes for so cheap?” My answer, “I shop for clearance items!” I always shop the clearance rack before I even think about shopping for full price items.

    This past week was a rough week for me. But like most women, the best way to turn a frown upside down is to shop.

  • The Dept. of Education and our identity crisis
  • The dark side of black root rot

    Recent rainy weather in Kentucky has favored black root rot disease development. Black root rot can affect a wide range of ornamentals in home and commercial landscapes, nurseries, and greenhouses.

    Black root rot is commonly observed on Japanese and blue hollies, inkberry, pansy, petunia, and vinca. In addition to ornamentals, numerous vegetable and agronomic crops are susceptible.

    Black root fot facts

  • Letter to the Editor

    To the editor:

    With this being a week to honor police officers, I would just like to write this letter to honor Chief Chris Atkins [of the Lawrenceburg Police Department] and his wonderful staff.

    I recently lost my daughter, Kristel Case Combs, and the compassion shown me by Chief Atkins was amazing.

    Please know that my heart was touched by the many ways you assisted Shelby, Ronda and I.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    God bless all of the officers that protect and serve.

    Alla Case Welch