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  • COLUMN: Strawberries a multi-purpose fruit

    Quick, name the only fruit with the seeds on the outside. They’re ripening right now and I’m eating them right now on my cereal. It’s a member of the rose family and it was a symbol for Venus, Goddess of Love, because of its heart shape and red color. It’s the strawberry.

    Man, they are so good. Strawberries ripen on the vine and not after so be sure you let it get just right before you pick. How do you know it’s ripe? It pops when you pluck it and it’s not a tough pull from the vine. Leave the green cap on it until you’re ready to eat.

  • Letters to the editor - 5.27

    Little League thankful for support

    To the editor:

    The Anderson County Little League Board would like to take the opportunity to express gratitude to the parents, the managers and coaches, the 83 sponsors and the over 100 volunteers who have made the 2009 Little League baseball season a great experience for the youth of Anderson County.

  • COLUMN: Kudos to caring officials

    Last year around this time, I wrote a column praising the efforts of the “behind-the-scenes stars” of the county’s DARE graduation.

    I still stand behind every word of that column, but this year deserves a follow-up.

    For some reason or another, I only attended the picnic at the park portion of last year’s festivities.

    This year, I got to see the other side of the event — the actual graduation ceremony full of accolades and guest speakers.

  • Letters to the editor - 5.20

    Letter writer Steve Vogelsburg says the city council made the right decision in not allowing the Sunday sale of package alcohol.

    Letter writer Stacie Jackson says The Anderson News should print the names of "deadbeat" parents.

    Letter writer Mark Warford thanks the community for donations during the Post Office's food drive.

    Letter writer Edwin McKee sends a thank you to those who participated in the 18th annual youth all-star basketball tournament in March.

  • COLUMN: Let those we elect create dog ordinance

    General Manager Ben Carlson says elected officials should create the county's dog ordinance themselves instead of forming a committee to do so.

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  • COLUMN: Keeping up with technology, news

    Keeping up with technology is growing more and more important by the day. Unfortunately, I’ve never been the best at staying on the cutting edge. Fortunately, my husband is.

    One of the things he has introduced me to in the past couple months is Google Reader. Basically it’s a centralized place I can go to read news that I pick out by subscribing to RSS feeds. I don’t understand it all or how it works really, but I do enjoy getting news tailored to my interests.

  • COLUMN: Props to Junior Miss contestants

    Staff Columnist Shannon Brock gives props to the Junior Miss contestants and committee for making this year's program go off without a hitch.

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  • COLUMN: City council failing business community

    Guest Columnist Kate McCann says the Lawrenceburg City Council let local businesses down by failing to allow the Sunday sale of package alcohol.

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