Today's Opinions

  • Churches going extra mile for Red Cross

    To the editor:

    This past Saturday, the American Red Cross held a class on operating a disaster shelter at St. Lawrence Catholic Church.

    We had over 20 volunteer workers, all now members of the Red Cross.

    The volunteers were from St. Lawrence and Ninevah Christian Church, both of which are shelter sites. We also had 13 people who were from Sand Spring Baptist Church, who came because of miscommunication. Their class will be after Christmas, and I have to apologize for the mistake.

  • Hello, Rosie, goodbye stupid recycling bins

    Column as I see ’em …

    It was with no small amount of pleasure that I sat through a meeting Monday night that will drive yet another nail into the county’s recycling program, hopefully for good.

    A group called Bluegrass Greensource invited me to sit in, not as a reporter but as someone who might be willing to share his views on how to implement a program that calls for Republic Services to provide curbside pickup of recyclables.

  • Tips to keep children safe in the kitchen during holidays

    Holidays are a busy time in the kitchen for many families. Gifts are made, special foods are prepared and unfamiliar foods may be within reach of children. Parents need to be careful about the foods available to the children.

    Keep small, chopped foods - choking hazards – away from children under two. This may include chopped vegetables such as raw carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. Cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes should also be out of reach for children under two.

  • Can lawn be eco friendly and attract bees?

    Researchers in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment are looking for ways for home lawns to give Mother Nature a helping hand.

    Gregg Munshaw, UK turf extension specialist, and Dan Potter, UK entomology professor, are studying the benefits of white clover as a habitat for pollinators and as a way to reduce nitrogen fertilizer applications.

  • Rubbing alcohol great defense against ice

    I am such a creature of habit. Not watching TV makes that real easy, because I never see commercials for new products.

    The funny part of it is that when I do go shopping I am amazed at new stuff, and people with me have a laughing fit. Diapers with built in pee tabs that turn colors like the old mood rings. There’s a shocker.

  • Kids will thank you someday for registering Republican

    To the editor:

    With the sad reality that global terrorism has become the priority issue, what is now the goal of our elected Democrats? They want to bow down to socialists around the world who enrich themselves with the global warming scam.

    Here in Kentucky, there’s only so much we can do about the global stage, but we can move our state toward a more common sense approach.

  • Dinner with Chrismans, Goodletts a privilege

    Column as I see ’em …

    A guy whose opinion I covet more than most once told me that being a journalist comes with a remarkable amount of responsibility intertwined with incredible privilege.

    The privilege portion was on full display Saturday night when I had the chance to enjoy the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce’s annual Christmas gala dinner with two very special families.

  • Vets can find help at food pantry

    Anderson County has a new resource for veterans and their families.

    The Open Hands Food Pantry received a grant from Purdue University and the University of Kentucky to fund these services. This is a pilot program funded by the Department of Defense to reach out to veterans and their families who live in rural areas.

    The grant provides services for all veterans without income qualification. The goal is to improve the quality of life for the veteran and their family, especially reaching out to those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.