Today's Opinions

  • Stringtown Ruritan’s gift will aid local grads for years

    Recently the Anderson County Scholarship Fund received a contribution from The Stringtown Ruritan Club for $201,166.54.

    According to club president Donald Bottoms, the Stringtown Ruritan Club had voted, several years ago, to contribute all of its assets to the Anderson County Scholarship Fund when the club disbanded. This contribution was made pursuant to that decision.

    To the members, past members, and families of members and former members of the Stringtown Ruritan Club, please accept my appreciation for this generous contribution.

  • Trump would be terrific as president

    To the editor:

    Donald Trump was correct when he refuted Jeb Bush’s retort that his brother, George W. Bush, “kept us safe.” The Twin Towers fell during the Bush administration, and he and Congress let Osama Bin Laden lure them into a bad, bad deal.

  • Police lives apparently don’t matter after all

    Column as I see ’em …

    Deputy Loren Wells won’t quit.

    Neither will troopers Matt Rogers, Brian Smith, Luke Vanhoose, Jeff Gabby or Jack Gabriel.

    But I would.

    After someone fired magazine after magazine at me from an AK-47 and other firearms, I’d turn in my police gear and go home.

  • Gathering what you need for winter?

    Holy moly! Where did this month go?

    I can only hope that the next few months speed by just as fast. This Saturday should be an interesting night. Halloween falls on a full moon. There should be plenty of light for tricky treating.

    This full moon is commonly called the Full Hunter’s Moon. Not only are there less leaves on the trees, the fields have been cut and plump critters of all sizes can be easily seen. This full moon was especially celebrated by Native Americans because there was the threat of winter looming coupled with an abundance of food.

  • Don’t let holiday expenses stress you out

    Holidays are coming. Halloween is the third most expensive holiday, after Christmas and Valentine’s Day. It’s the start of the holiday expenses even though it doesn’t involve large gifts or family events. The costs of costumes, candy and decorations can require big spending.

    Avoid financial problems by planning for holiday expenses throughout the year and develop new, lower-cost traditions.

  • Unmasking colorful fall leaves

    All summer they’ve remained hidden beneath a green cloak. But as fall continues, the parade of brilliant tree leaf colors will slowly put on a spectacular show across Kentucky.

  • Don’t forget to vote Nov. 3

    To the editor:

    Hundreds of thousands of young Americans are serving our military to preserve our way of life, and yet fewer and fewer of our citizens are participating in our democracy.

    November 3 is general election day when Kentuckians will select candidates for governor, commissioner of agriculture and other offices Members of Anderson County Farm Bureau hope every voter will make their voices heard by casting informed votes.

  • Butt chewing made time away better

    Column as I see ’em …

    First a little housekeeping, then some opinion.

    I had a person berate me on Facebook for the paper being a little lackluster over the past couple of weeks.

    That was her opinion, at least.

    I can take it as well as I dish it out, but figure if she feels that way, others will, too.