Today's Opinions

  • Learn to manage vegetable soil insects

    There are several serious soil insect pests that we manage periodically in vegetable production, including wireworms, white grubs and seedcorn maggot.  Unfortunately, when symptoms of damage by these pests become apparent, there are no rescue treatments. Our management strategies are preventative, not reactionary. Two important factors that, in part, impact the risk of soil insect problems are rotation and field history.  The most challenging rotation for soil pests is one following established sod where wireworms and white grubs can be common.

  • Parking lot fracas not true representative of congregation

    Last week’s edition of The Anderson News carried a front page article about a fracas of some sort on the parking lot of First Baptist Church.

    The altercation occurred in connection with a basketball game held in the church’s gym. It was a very unfortunate event. News though it may be, I agree with the church’s pastor who questioned whether the story deserved front-page coverage, though I realize my judgment is that of a fellow pastor not a newsman.

  • Suspicious of increased water bills

    I’ve heard similar complaints from others, so I’m going to vent for a moment.

    My wife and I have lived in the same house for over 10 years. Our water bill (South Anderson) has been consistent each month since we’ve lived here. Sure, there was the occasional summer month where we’d water the yard during a drought here and there but generally from month to month they charged us for roughly 3,000 gallons of water for our household. It was almost like clockwork. We just knew what our charges would be each month.

  • Grateful for those who sacrifice so much

    By Ben Carlson, Publisher

    America and all that she stands for was on full display last Wednesday afternoon at Emma B. Ward Elementary School.

    For a moment, we watched through tear-blurred eyes the abject joy of a young boy reunited with his father, a soldier who sacrificed a year away from his wife and children so that we, you and I, can live in relative peace and security.

  • Quilt block spruces up barn

    The North Star quilt block on the barn at the Anderson County Park is a beautiful addition to the park. Two community partners assisted with block finishing and hanging.

  • Gardening a perfect way to teach patience

    Hooray it’s May. Let the beautiful planting season begin. I’m willing to bet my truck that everyone with a garden patch was out working it last weekend. I can almost hear a collective “ahh” as people dabble in the dirt planting food and flowers. Whether it’s the instant gratification we get when planting beautiful flowers or the more patience inducing seed plantings, there is just something uplifting about gardening.

  • What’s ‘bugging’ your vegetable garden?

    Hopefully, the wet weather we have been experiencing will abate soon and allow vegetable growers to work their soil and move transplants to fields.

    Early-season insect problems on vegetables are very different than those later in the summer. Early season pests often impact the health and vigor of the plant rather than feeding on the portion of the plant we intend to market.

  • Christians: Let’s unite in prayer

    To the editor:

    This letter is for all of the Christians in Anderson County.

    As the New York Daily News hit the stands, its editorial pages had been stripped of the scheduled copy and, instead, the newspaper published the Lord’s Prayer.