Today's Opinions

  • Fences might stop critters but human hair ‘marks’ space

    I am lovin this weather! Anything in the 80’s is perfect for me and my garden.

    I have been planting whenever I have a spare minute. I like to space out planting. That doesn’t mean that I just put my mind in another place. It’s officially called succession planting and it means I wait about 10 days to plant another row of beans or squash or cukes.

    It works well for me and my customers at the stand.

    Since my time is very tight, and the stand will only be open on Saturdays, I don’t want everything coming on at once.

  • Take pride in this initiative to showcase Anderson County

    What a treat it is to witness inspiration fuel action. I’ve always believed that, particularly in small communities, the best initiatives are those born from grass roots efforts.

    One such initiative is springing to life in Anderson County. On the outside, it might appear to be little more than a fun project connected to a fun event.

    Much deeper, it’s the beginning of a movement to lift Anderson County out of the shadows and show the rest of the world what a great place it is for visiting, working and living.

    Here’s the lowdown.

  • Thanking Mom never seems to be enough

    by Stan Head

    It is nearly that time again, Mother’s Day, a time when we join as a country to celebrate the extraordinary role our moms have played in our lives and try to somehow match that up with a six dollar Mother’s Day cards from Walmart.

    It was so much easier as a kid. A couple sheets of construction paper, macaroni, glitter and glue and Hallmark didn’t have a thing on me!

  • Here’s hoping that April showers give way to beautiful May flowers

    Well, we sure had plenty of April showers so let’s bring on the May flowers! Named after the Roman goddess off spring and growth, Maia, May brings out all kinds of life. Of course, that means lots of little critters are springing onto the scene as well.

    A couple of Sundays ago, I put on shorts and sandals to wash the dogs. It took me about 40 minutes to wash all three. Later, I found out I had four chigger bites. I should know better.

  • Have chicken salad and strawberry trifle with spring suppers

    by Joan Martin

    Chicken salad and strawberry trifle are a delicious combination for a light springtime supper.

    Leftover or canned chicken can be used in this easy salad recipe. Select low-fat mayonnaise or light salad dressing to lower the calories without sacrificing taste. Choose grapes that aren’t too ripe and have a firm skin. Add whole wheat buns or bread, carrot sticks and low-fat milk to make a complete meal.

  • There are bigger issues than the baseball scoreboard

    While reading a recent edition of The Anderson News, I was disappointed by the fact that there were two large articles about the baseball scoreboard and how it’s a shame that it’s not working correctly, although I agree.

  • Experience is a reminder of the greatness of this town

    I would like to extend some props to a wonderful few instances.

    First, a few weeks ago, my ruby red Nissan pickup truck decided not to start in the Kroger parking lot near the drive thru pharmacy.

    As I waited an hour for assistance from AAA, some 20 or so passing motorists offered their aid and repeatedly I said thank you to their neighborly offers and inquiries.

    That is truly a testament to our city and county is the friendly manner of the many. To those, let me again say, I really appreciate your efforts.

  • We need your help to spread this important information

    We’re excited about next week’s issue. It will be chock full of great information, particularly about the Primary Election.

    But there’s something really special about it, something that rarely happens. It will go to every household in Anderson County!

    We can’t do that very often. Occasionally, we do it to show our non-subscribers what they are missing in hopes that they will want to read Anderson County’s main news source regularly from now on.