Angry over lights, road to Mickey D’s

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To the editor:
Is anyone else getting tired of the red light at Main and Woodford?
Why is it they put a turn light on Woodford Street and not one for Main Street?
There is so much trouble turning from Main Street to Woodford Street, unless you get lucky and can miss a car and do a quick turn.
The same issue exists at US 127 Bypass and Glensboro Road. Why is there not a turn light there, either?
Oh, and another thing. When is someone going to take responsibility for the road into the new McDonald’s?
I have called the city and they are not responsible; called the county and they aren’t responsible; called state and  they are not responsible. The street has a name — would it not be considered a city or county road?
Someone needs to step up and take care of this road. I nearly have my drink and breakfast all of my car and myself every morning.   
Doesn’t anyone else have these problems?
Mary Dean