Be green for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day — what those two words mean to a woman and what those words mean to a man can be totally different things.

I am pretty excited about Valentine’s Day this year, since I have found myself a sweetheart to share it with, but have we ever thought of having a green Valentine’s Day instead of a read one?

The next question is — how do you have a green Valentine’s Day?

By having a green Valentine you are able to treat your wallet and the environment a little bit better. Here are some tips to having a green and budget friendly Valentine’s Day:

· Everyone loves a good card saying how much they are cared about, but instead of buying a card this year you can always send an e-card. Most e-cards are free, and by sending an e-card you help the environment. You can also always save it on your computer and look at it whenever you please. E-cards are good for any occasion.

· Now if you happen to buy cards for your loved one don’t worry. There are programs out there who take your cards after you are done with them. One program that my homemakers have participated in before is the one at St. Jude. You can send any type of card to St. Jude and they reuse them with the children at the hospital. For more information visit, the hospital website at http://www.stjudesranch.org/help_card.php.

· Instead of going out to eat with your sweetheart there is always the option of planning a dinner together. Try and see if you can make a meal out of locally grown products. Kentucky has all types of food products to offer including cheeses and wine. Visit www.kyagr.com/kyproud/ for more information on where to find these products locally.

· Instead of buying presents, offer your significant other a gift certificate. This gift certificate could be a kind act that you would want to do for them, such as washing their car, cleaning their house, etc. I am thinking after this snow many people will need their car washed.

Those are just a few ideas to help get you in the mood for a holiday that is filled with chocolates, cards and flowers. You can always still do those three things and they will be appreciated, but the tips above are some new ideas that you can try and add. I can’t wait to see what my Valentine’s Day has in store for me.

Source: Ashley Osborne, Extension Associate for Environmental and Natural Resource Issues.


Sara Talbott is Anderson County's family and consumer sciences extension agent.