BREAKING: ‘Hoarders’ nightmare unfolding on Beth Drive

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2-year-old removed after police find rats, rotting trash

By The Staff

Police and child protective services removed a 2-year-old child and two adults who have apparently been living in squalor so bad it stunk from the street in front of their home at 104 Beth Drive.

There are reports of dead animals in the home, including what could be a decomposed cat, rats and what appeared to be cat feces.

A second child has also been taken into protective custody and is a student at Saffell Street Elementary School.

When he emerged wearing a face mask from the residence just after noon, Det. Mike Schell of the Lawrenceburg Police Department was asked to describe what it was like inside.

“Have you ever seen an episode of ‘Hoarders?” he responded, adding that at least one live rat was found in the home. It’s the worse I’ve seen in 20 years doing this.”

Schell said the house is filled with rotting food, trash and other debris.

Asked to describe how the house smells, Schell said, “Rotting trash … like a dump.”

The stench, Schell said, is what tipped off a Lawrenceburg Police officer who was on patrol earlier this morning.

Schell said the officer actually smelled the stench coming from the house because a window fan was blowing it toward the street.

The officer investigated and found the man, woman and 2-year-old inside the home, Schell said.

Other officers arrived a short time later and were seen entering and leaving the home wearing full protective clothing and breathing masks.

They soon placed crime scene tape around the home’s perimeter and contacted child protective services and Anderson County Public Health Director Tim Wright, who investigated and reportedly filed a notice to abate. That means the residents cannot return to the home until the problems are taken care of.

One officer who was inside came out and left, saying it was the worse smell he’d experienced in 10 years. He added that he was going home to change his clothes and that it would take a “full bar of soap” to get clean.

Also at the scene was County Attorney Bobbi Jo Lewis.

Schell said no charges had been filed as of 1 p.m., but the investigation is ongoing.

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