Debunking climate change and Obama’s debt ceiling scare tactics

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By Kim King

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through summer.
I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to visit with many of you at school sporting events, graduation ceremonies, county fairs, local festivals and Chamber of Commerce events.
I appreciate this opportunity to share my thoughts on issues so many have recently mentioned by e-mail, phone and/or in person. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns and speaking requests. I’ll make every effort to accommodate your groups’ wishes.
As an example, I was in Washington, DC, on June 29 when Mercer County Adult Education held its graduation ceremony. Even though I couldn’t attend in person, Director Amy Matthews and I coordinated my live, congratulatory phone call to recognize their accomplishments.
I wasn’t able to attend because the Heartland Institute (Heartland.org) invited me to participate in its sixth annual International Climate Change Conference last month in our nation’s Capitol.
You can watch each presentation, speaker and debate at:  http://climateconference.heartland.org/watch-live/. Each segment is informative and thought-provoking; but I found the Denning/Spencer debate especially helpful because I was able to hear experts present and defend their personal research and conclusions.
Like all farmers I know, Cary and I are good stewards of our natural resources and livestock. We know we would only hurt ourselves if we ruin our air, soil and water. We can also manage our natural resources at the state, national and international level without destroying our economy. Despite popular media attention, we are experiencing a slight cooling, not the predicted catastrophic warming. I have plenty of peer-reviewed research to support this statement. Give me a call if you would like to review this material.
Since July 5 I’ve received over 400 e-mails addressing the Casey Anthony acquittal in Florida. Each writer is outraged at the verdict and wants to make sure we don’t experience the same tragedy in Kentucky
A colleague is authoring a bill that will make it a felony to not report a missing child within 12 hours. I look forward to reading the complete bill and exact language. Based on preliminary drafts, I can fully support this bill and look forward to becoming a co-sponsor
I also anticipate Caylee’s memory will be kept alive in the bill’s title.
Something to consider: if we’re frustrated and angry at the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial, do we think the two Bowling Green terror suspects should be tried in civilian court? I don’t! We have military tribunals in place for these situations; we need to utilize them.
Our federal debt is another hot, (pun intended) national topic this summer. We see the president use scare tactics and threats, rather than lead by offering concrete solutions and spending cuts.
The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) said it can’t evaluate the financial impact of his speeches, it needs actual data. The president enjoyed majorities in the House and Senate for two years. Why didn’t he, Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid propose tax increases when they held these majorities?
I’m not a mind reader, but the answer seems simple: they knew tax increases in a struggling economy are a bad idea and wouldn’t pass. We’re witnessing the president’s political posturing. Try not to worry about your Social Security check. The only way Social Security checks will be jeopardized is if the president prioritizes his spending in that manner. I have no reason to believe he would actually do that. Let’s not allow this political posturing to get us down.
Join me each weekday morning at 8:20 as I call-in to WHBN (1420 AM). You can also access the station at www.HometownLive.net. I discuss my calendar, committee meetings, current events, milestone birthdays and anniversaries. Please let me know about your important events, too. I’m always available at Kim.King@LRC.KY.gov or 859-734-2173.

Kim King represents Anderson County in the state’s House of Representatives.