Democrats organizing anti-McConnell rally here

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Posts on KDC’s Facebook page mock senator’s physical appearance, take shots at wife


Disparaging remarks about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s physical appearance and about his wife, Transportation Cabinet Secretary Elaine Chao, can be seen on a Facebook page hosted by the Kentucky Democratic Party calling for people to protest McConnell’s appearance here Tuesday.

The page includes a post from a person who claims his past actions would likely prevent him from getting into the event.

“Would love to attend. However, I’ve done everything short of threatening his life. He is such a vile and loathsome creature. I meditate on his demise by any means daily,” the man wrote.

A person replied, saying, “I’ll settle for him and wifey poo abdicating.”

That drew this response: “Well, I suppose that would be a little bit of satisfaction. I really would prefer him leaving earth altogether.”

McConnell is scheduled to speak during an Anderson County Chamber of Commerce luncheon meeting, set for noon, Feb. 21 at the Anderson Extension office in the county park.

The protest is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. and last through McConnell’s visit.

The event is sold out, chamber officials said last week, but people commenting on a Facebook page hosted by the state party called “Make Mitch Listen” say they have already obtained tickets and are organizing how they will respond to McConnell’s visit.

“Will be there – also have ticket to go in – anyone with inside tickets should bring 8x11 cards with messages to hold up during his talk,” said one person. “Fill the room with messages for McConnell.”

Another poster recommended several chants, including one directed at Chao, who was recently confirmed as President Trump’s transportation secretary, and another disparaging the senator’s looks.

“Your wife sure got a good job, traitor,” wrote on one person who posted on the page. Other posts include, “Thanks for the coal sludge, turtle man,” “Dump Trump” and “Ditch Mitch.”

That same person goes on to recommend people bring spines from skeletons “so we can show Mitch what one looks like” and when discussing items protestors should bring, says, “Maybe some pitchforks. Have a lot of ideas.”

Information on the Facebook page says an estimated 300 people have confirmed they are going to the protest.

Daniel Lowry, a spokesperson for the state Democratic Party, said he would prefer those coming to protest would stick to the issues about McConnell and not make threatening or disparaging comments about his appearance or about his wife.

Lowry said he expects a big turnout for the protest.

“From what I understand it’s going to be pretty big,” he said, noting that he plans to be there. “I hope he comes but I’m afraid [McConnell] is going to cancel.”

Lowry said the protest won’t be on one specific issue but noted Democrats are upset over what he says is McConnell “orchestrating” the confirmation of Education Secretary Betsy Devos and silencing fellow Sen. Elizabeth Warren during a confirmation hearing.

“It’s about what he’s done to make people across the commonwealth and this country upset,” he said.