Dems repeating Hillary mistake

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 To the editor:

The unfortunate events of the last Democrat presidential primary are set to repeat here in Kentucky in the 6th Congressional District.

Andy Barr is the current office holder and is likely to win to the overall race, but there are at least four challengers on the other side.

What makes the Democrat’s race noteworthy is there were three candidates announced relatively early with one of those receiving large amounts of out-of-state money, indicating folks such as West Coast liberals had found a  

female challenger they felt strong enough about to support.

There’s also a local state senator who’s well known in the Lexington/Fayette County area and he’s been campaigning hard, the old-fashioned way.

So this should fill all the niches for possible opposition, right?



Apparently national Democrats have decided that the Kentucky Democrat Party doesn’t know what it’s doing in fielding this reasonable assortment of challengers and has parachuted in a millionaire who they have promised even more millions to.

This is exactly the strategy they used to fix the race for Hillary Clinton in the Democrat primary for president, angering millions of Bernie Sanders supporters.

The question is will Kentucky Democrats let them get away with that again?

Bill Marshall