Four injured in wreck on Anderson City Road

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Two in critical condition flown to UK Medical Center

Two people are in critical condition and two in serious condition following a wreck late this afternoon (Friday) on Anderson City Road.


The two people in critical condition were airlifted to the University of Kentucky Medical Center, according to John Shuttleworth, Anderson County’s deputy director of public safety. The two in serious condition were taken to UK via Anderson County EMS, Shuttleworth said.

First responders initally said all four victims were conscious and speaking shortly after the wreck.

Their names and ages are not being released, but at least two of the victims appeared to be teenagers.

All four were passengers in a vehicle that veered off Anderson City Road and stuck a tree head first. Three of the victims were able to climb from the wreckage. The fourth had to be removed by firefighters using pneumatic cutting tools.

First responders battled frigid temperatures while preparing the victims for transport, and were covering victims with blankets as they laid on stretchers waiting to be loaded into waiting ambulances.

Ambulances carried the two victims in critical condition to Fox Creek Christian Church where two helicopters were waiting to transport them to UK.

The vehicle apparently turned onto Anderson City Road from US 62 and collided with the tree about one quarter mile past Dry Dock Road.

Along Anderson County EMS, responding were the Anderson County Fire Department and Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.