Happy New Year



You: “Do you believe in evolution?”

Me: “Absolutely.”

You: “But you are a Christian…you believe in creation.”

Me: “Absolutely.”

You: “What? So you believe in both.”

Me: “Absolutely.”

You: “Nonsense; you can not believe in both. You can not have creation and evolution at the same time.

Me: Smiles, a look of adventurous joy with a hint of pity.

You: “Oh, all right, I’ll bite. How can the two be at the same time?”

Me: “Do you believe in water?”

You: “Of course.”

Me: “Do you believe in Hydrogen?”

You: “Yeees.”

Me: “Do you believe in Oxygen?”

You: “Yes, and…?”

Me: “Well you are just a religious nut because I say there is no hydrogen and oxygen.”

You: “What! You can not have water without hydrogen and oxygen.”

Me: “Absolutely.”

You: rolling eyes, sighing…

Me: “You can not have evolution ‘without’ creation. Creation started the process of evolution. Just as a sound can start an avalanche, a spark a forest fire, a thunderstorm a rainbow and floods, the jolt of a defibrillator continues a genetic line, a single miraculous birth the greatest and most hated religious movement of mankind.”

“The action that starts the process is a single event. That action ceases when the process begins. Creation happened: Evolution continues.”

“When you stop fearing that which is, that which is reveals itself to you.”

“January 1st 12:01 am started the New Year; 12:02 continues it.”

        Safety first, you fellow Homo Sapiens.