Healing Field flag thefts


 “Healing Field flag thefts continue”

“Rice said the latest the fact that yet another theft has occurred is “very disturbing,””
“Chandler said…that he can’t understand why anyone would resort to stealing flags.”
“Hellard agreed, saying she also can’t understand the thefts.”
“”I just can’t grasp…personally, I don’t get it.””

What concerns me more than the thefts is that you all “Don’t Get It”: And some of you are in positions of power. You are revealing that you are seriously out of touch with the world around you.

What are you teaching your children in your homes and in the public schools? Thou shalt not steal? Or, “there is no God, no punishment, life is as you feel and want it to be, what I want I get even if I have to steal it because there is no God to see and punish me”.

Why are you astonished kids are acting as they have been trained and raised to believe? Stop being emotionally offended and deal with the consequences of the chosen moral teaching of your kids. Indeed the spared rod produces criminals.

How is it those who built this field did not accommodate the inevitable thefts of very expensive flags? Even for rebellious fun?