Helpful hints for leftovers, decoration storage after Christmas

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 Another Christmas has past and here we are, back into our routines again.

I don’t know about you, but I do not dive into tearing down the tree and the decorations just yet. I love leaving all the Christmas lights and decorations up until News Year’s Day, which is another one of our family traditions. 

In the meantime, I’ll still enjoy my Christmas a little longer and feast on the Christmas leftovers. 

If Christmas leftovers are not your thing, they can be put into storage freezer bags and frozen for another time. 

Cooked meats, side dishes and of course your cookies and desserts can be popped into your freezer for another day.

Freezing your leftovers saves money and time. Don’t feel like cooking? Pull out those freezer meals.

I freeze just about everything. When I shop at the grocery I’ll pick up extra items such as milk, cheese, butter, breads, etc. This past summer I chopped up my fresh vegetables from my garden and stuck them in the freezer too. My husband and I are still enjoying fresh produce this time of year, and over the next winter months to come. “Waste not want not” is my motto, so freezing really keeps the waste down. 

My husband Dan and I went out and bought a real tree this year. It has been so wonderful having a real tree in our home.

I love the smell of pine in my living room and there’s just something about having a real tree.

On New Year’s Day Dan will not haul our tree to the street for the garbage man to take, but instead he will haul it to the backyard to be chopped up for firewood that we will use in our fire pit come spring and enjoy until fall.

We love sitting around the fire, roasting marshmallows, and I know my husband enjoys building the fire as well. 

So instead of throwing the tree out, this is a great way to recycle it. 

When I do start taking down my decorations, I have found it easier to be more organized when putting the decorations away.

Years past I would just throw it all into whatever I could find, but last year my husband and I started buying storage bins and labeling them. It was great pulling those labeled bins out of the attic knowing what was in them and what room they would go in to be decorated. 

Life has been a whole lot easier at the Dreisbachs and as I get older easier is better I find. 

I hope you enjoy all these helpful hints for after the holidays and I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. 

My family and I sure did and oh how we are thankful and blessed. 

Happy New Year and start thinking about those New Year Resolutions! 

“Enter His gates with Thanksgiving and His courts with Praise”. Psalm 100:4


Kristina Dreisbach is a Christian children’s book author and a resident of Lawrenceburg. You may contact her at Kristinadreisbach@yahoo.com.