High school bookkeeper fired

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McIntosh accused of ‘dishonesty;’ police mum on criminal investigation


The bookkeeper at Anderson County High School was fired last week for what Superintendent Sheila Mitchell described as dishonesty, insubordination and conduct unbecoming of a school employee.

Kristi McIntosh, who served as bookkeeper for seven years, had been suspended with pay for several months while the school district conducted an investigation.

Mitchell said she could not elaborate on the reasons she fired McIntosh, and declined to say if the matter has been turned over to law enforcement for additional investigation.

Sheriff Joe Milam and Lawrenceburg Police Chief Chris Atkins each said their offices were not involved in an investigation. A spokesperson for the Kentucky State Police declined to comment at this time.

In a written statement, Mitchell responded to a question as to why McIntosh was fired by saying: “Termination causes: dishonesty, and/or neglect of duty, and/or incompetency, and/or insubordination and/or violation or refusal to obey local policies or regulations adopted by the Kentucky Board of Education or by the Board of Anderson County and or violation of local policy, state or federal statutes or regulations that apply to assigned duties and or misconduct and/or conduct unbecoming of a school employee.”

The district had been using a fill-in bookkeeper during McIntosh’s suspension, and recently began the hiring process to replace her.