Hundreds in Anderson County without power during Monday's freeze

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Spokesperson: power to be restored within the hour

By The Staff

As temperatures dipped to new freezing lows, roughly 340 northern Anderson County Blue Grass Energy customers found themselves without power Monday morning.   

More than 3,000 western Franklin County residents and 340 Anderson County customers lost power at about 8 a.m. Monday morning following a night of wind chills and record-setting freezing temperatures for the region.  

Blue Grass Energy spokesperson Denise Myers said Monday that an issue at a Franklin County substation on Bridgeport Road — which feeds into both Franklin County and Anderson County homes — was the cause of the outage.

Myers said in a phone interview at 10:15 a.m. that power should be restored to affected Anderson County customers within the hour.

Because of the increase in energy use due to the usually cold weather, Myers said, there is potential for a second outage to occur.

To prevent another power outage, Myers said Blue Grass Energy is asking its customers to shut off their heat and water heater temporarily. Once power is restored, affected residents should wait about 30 minutes before turning their heat back on and about an hour before turning their water heater back on.

To report a power outage to Blue Grass Energy, call 1-888-655-4243. To view the power outage map, visit http://outage.bgenergy.com.