I have a story to tell

I have a story to tell. One day an innocent child with a little pain in the hip went to the nice sheep couple to get help. We can fix that little hitch in your gitalong. And look at this long list of other glitches causing harm we can fix, also. Just give us a fifth of your every paycheck for a whole year and you will be good as new.

So, the innocent child dutifully complied and waited for the little pain to go away; and all the other glitches on that list as well. Three months later the little man with the baby doctors to pay said to the child, ‘you should come in more often’ but the mother to be said, ‘you are not so bad’. And the innocent child came as scheduled and waited for all the pain to go away.

A year later the mom said, ‘you can come back a couple more times’, so the child did; so innocent that child. And the mom used such force with that machine on the child’s neck that strange ‘zinging’ feelings happened. Then sever pain began to happen in the shoulder. It became so sever as to cause that innocent child to cry many tears so as to fill up a very big jar to give to Jesus.

Now, when that child went to the bad wolf in sheep’s clothing to get it fixed he growled and bit at and threatened the child he had hurt. When the child tattle tailed on the wolf to all who would see, the wolf called another pack member to threaten the child to shut up. And when the child told the Board of this same wolf pack, well, we all know how that went.

So the child, being an abandoned one, not knowing what else could be done to make the bad wolf give back the money he stole so the child could maybe find another to fix his error and do the job the wolf was paid to do, tattle tailed some more. Then the wolf got another more powerful wolf of the ‘vow to protect’ pack to harass and terrorize; “anything you say will be used against you”; then try to get into the home and then to find a way to devour this innocent hurting child.

Pray for this innocent hurt child of Jesus.
Pray for those bad wolves to be captured and locked up in a zoo.
Pray for the other children who have to look at the naked man with the erection on the walls in the wolf’s den.