Leaders good at spending other’s money

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To the editor:
In these hard economic times, I am appalled at the leaders in this country.
Whether they are leaders in local or federal government, they just don’t get it when it comes to taxes and the welfare of the people.
There isn’t a person who goes to work every day who is not tired of paying more taxes when every penny must be accounted for in the family. You look at your check and taxes are going up while your pay is going down.
These leaders must understand that raising taxes isn’t the only option in helping with the budget shortfall. If we need to cut or lay off to keep from putting more on the people, then do what needs to be done.
We all have to watch our finances; we do not have the option of spending other people’s money like the school board, city council, fiscal court, library board, health department board and whatever other boards there are.
It’s time to stop making people the scapegoat for the shortfall and do what these leaders were voted in to do. That is to make sound decisions, not be burdensome to the people.
The only way we can stop these leaders is at the ballot box and vote them out. They promise so much but deliver so little that we have taxation without representation.
The Rev. Joseph C. Marshall Sr.