Media complicit in Obamacare

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By The Staff

To the editor:

When Obamacare was pushed through eight years ago the majority of Americans did not want it. Yet the media, working with Democrats, did everything they could to sell it.

That plan was full of holes and famously included the lie of the year that you could keep your plan and keep your doctor.

Now, after that failed policy has collapsed, which is on purpose, Republicans are working hard to fix it. So what does the media do? They express wild outrage at the thought of fixing this broken plan and disseminate false and misleading reports all in an effort to help Democrats. Oh, they investigated the plan initially alright, but not to report on its weaknesses. Instead they needed to know how to effectively cover them up and cover for its Democrat sponsors.

This Obamacare failure will take multiple pieces of legislation to fix, and everybody will be covered. Actually, nobody ever really lost coverage because of something called Medicaid, which is designed as health coverage of last resort. Of course the media lies about that, too.

At the end of the day, a good standard to measure legislation is that if nobody likes the compromise, it’s good legislation.

Bill Marshall