Middle school student arrested for ‘hit list’

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Child taken into custody Wednesday morning


An Anderson County Middle School student was arrested Wednesday morning and charged with 32 felony counts of terroristic threatening for possessing what police are calling a “hit list.”

The list contained the names of 32 middle school students, according to the school’s resource officer, Joe Saunier of the Lawrenceburg Police Department.

Saunier said he arrested the male student after he arrived by school bus to the middle school Wednesday morning.

He said the student did not have any weapons on him at the time of his arrest.

“When he showed up on the school bus, I took him into custody at that point,” Saunier said during an interview Thursday morning.

It appears school administrators were alerted to the hit list during a middle school football game Tuesday night at the school. Saunier said principals Gina Fultz and Tammy Gilkinson notified him and an investigation ensued.

Acting Lawrenceburg Police Chief Chris Atkins said school administrators and his office worked late into Tuesday night/Wednesday morning to identify the suspect.

“It speaks volumes to have the administrators and school resource officer working at midnight and beyond trying to identify the juvenile who made this list,” Atkins said Thursday morning.

Saunier said he cannot reveal if the suspect is being held in custody, citing privacy concerns, nor could he elaborate what, aside from students’ names, was written on the hit list.

The parents of those named on the list have reportedly been notified.

Saunier said according to statute, the suspect will never be allowed to return to the middle school, but a judge could allow him to attend the district’s alternative school, be home schooled or other options.