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Thursday, Sept. 2, 1937

A number of women of the Royalty community met at the home of Mrs. C. E. Champion and formed a Homemakers Club. Helen Morgan, Home Demonstrator for Anderson County did a canning demonstration at the meeting.

Mrs. Charles Duncan was elected president; Mrs. C.E. Champion, vice president; and Callie Gritton, secretary.

Present at the meeting were Mrs. Wade Gritton, Odena Baxter, Mrs. Elijah Leathers, Callie Gritton, Rachel Baxter, Josephine Brown, Lois Brown, Mrs. C.E. Champion, Mrs. J.C. Duncan and Mrs. E.B. Brown. Visitors were Mrs. J.C. VanArsdell and Mrs. O.C. McKay, of Lawrenceburg, and Mrs. N.P. Green of Alton.

“Son” Trent was all about town yesterday with a bean. It was just a small affair, yet it caused a lot of speculation and amusement, for it was a Mexican Jumping Bean.

All one had to do was lay it down somewhere and watch it. And you didn’t have to watch long, either, for the bean would begin to jump hither and thither and yon, just like it had some place to go.

Son brought it into the News office and laid it on the editor’s desk. It was laid on one side of the desk, but picked up on the other, where it had gone by a series of hops.

Those Mexican Jumping Beans really jump. The editor wrote that if anyone saw Son running wildly down the street, the bean had gotten away from him and he was chasing it.

Jessie May Lillard announced the opening of her music studio at the Graded School building Tuesday, Sept. 7.

An ad announced BASEBALL, Sunday, Sept. 5 at the Lawrenceburg Fairgrounds, Stringtown verses Lawrenceburg.

The Lawrenceburg Sluggers will tangle with Stringtown next Sunday at the Fairgrounds, which will be the second time the two teams have met this season. At the other meeting the Sluggers won out over the Stringtown boys by a score of 7 to 5 and this game promises to be another close one.

E.B. Waddell, telegraph operator at the local depot for years resigned his position there due to ill health.

Waddell had been with Southern Railroad for 28 years, most of that time spent in Lawrenceburg and before that he was operator for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad for about five years.


Thursday, Aug. 24, 1967

Billy Spencer, 16, senior student at Anderson High School, was to be the new sports writer for the Anderson News for the school year.

Billy, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Spencer Jr., had won two letters in varsity football, but was forced to quit the sport because of injuries.

He was interested in journalism and writing.

Frank McBrayer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marcus McBrayer, sustained a broken leg in a practice scrimmage with Mt. Sterling. He was admitted to the Good Samaritan Hospital in Lexington for treatment.

There were several from Anderson County who were winners at the State Fair.

Winners in the 4-h division were Teresa Bond, apron, blue; Marilyn Collins, skirt and blouse, blue recipe book; Connie Herndon, play clothes, red; Jolene Goodlett, advance dress, blue; Ronald McKee, woodcraft, red; Michael Hostetter, pin-up lamp, blue.

Mrs. C.T. Ward won blue ribbons for her Raspberry preserves, strawberry preserves, nut brittle, Modjeskas; second on her date nut bread, pralines and pecan cake; and third on her small antique shoe.

Mrs. Paul Burgin won blue ribbons on her plum jelly and orange marmelade; red ribbons on her crab apple jelly, sausage and yellow tomato preserves.

Mrs. Elvin Burgin won first in 12 canning classes. Mr. E. B. Sparrow won blue ribbons in nine classes and red ribbons in four classes.

Marilyn Collins won a blue ribbon on her Shetland sheep dog, “Little Gypsy Lou Lynn” in the working class and champion in the conformation class.

Donna H Hockersmith won a red ribbon in the Obedience Class with her Shepard, “Frank.”

There were approximately 60 dogs entered in the Conformation and Obedience classes.

Jolene Goodlett won a red on her relish and strawberry preserves.

David Ruggles placed 16th in the Junior Dairy Judging event.

Anderson County was second in the best F.F.A. hay exhibit; Steven Burgin won an award for his metal entry; William Shouse won an award on his entry made from wood and metal; Anderson County won on best Chapter farm shop exhibit.

Steven Gay won a red ribbon on his Dairy Science demonstration and Michael Hostetter, red on tomatoes.

Karen Waterfill, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Waterfill, won second in the beauty contest at the state fair. Suzanne Martin Coyle of Perryville was the winner.

Waterfill won a $200 scholarship to the school of her choice and a trophy.


•Godfrey Gabe Driskell, 53, Indianapolis, son of Mrs. Willie Driskell, husband of Opal Driskell.

•Marion C. Brown, 71, Lexington, retired University of Kentucky professor of mathematics, Anderson native, son of the late John E. and Susan Hughes Brown, husband of Martha Boyer Brown.

•Charles William Smith, 63, Louisville, retired carpenter, husband of Anna Mae Watts Smith.


Monday, Aug. 22, 1977

Local fans mourned the death of Elvis Presley, 42. Ray Best and Bob Hardin were pictured waiting a full weekend to get tickets to the concert that was scheduled for Aug. 23 in Lexington.

Geraldine Drury and Dorothy Cornish were pictured looking over some of the Elvis memorabilia they had collected over the years.

As 13-year-old fans, Cornish and Drury had traveled with some of Geraldine’s relatives to see his first concert in Louisville in 1956. From that time until his death, the two women, who lived in the western part of Anderson County, had followed Presley and remained faithful fans into their adult lives.

A quart jar of Kraft Miracle Whip was 59 cents at Gateway. Del Monte peaches were 59 cents a can. First cut pork chops were 99 cents a pound.


•Josephine Byrd, 78, Anderson County native.

Thursday, Aug. 25, 1977

Sheila Bruce, 1976 Lawrenceburg Fair and Horse Show Queen, was chosen as the Kentucky Polled Hereford Queen.

She was to participate in the 1977 Kentucky state Fair by presenting ribbons in number classes in the North American Livestock show.

She was also to participate in the Kentucky National Polled Hereford Show in February of the next year.

She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Bruce.

John Paul Herndon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Herndon, Route 4, enrolled at Roanoke Bible College. He is a 1976 gradate of Anderson County High School and completed his freshman year at the University of Kentucky.

Laura Ritter was taken by ambulance from her home on Green Wilson Road to the Frankfort hospital. She suffered from a possible dislocated shoulder.

Don Brinley was taken by ambulance from his Greenview home to the Good Samaritan Hospital for treatment of a back injury suffered in a fall.


•Hila S. Ash, 82, North Main Street, native of Charleston, West Virginia, daughter of the late Joseph and Hila Sparrow, wife of Charles E. Ash.

•Virgil Cornish, 70, West Court Street, retired farmer, husband of Callie Taylor Cornish.


Wednesday, Aug. 26, 1987

Tony Gates was the “senior rookie” at the Lawrenceburg Police Department.

The Louisville native was called that because two more officers had been hired since he came on the force in January.

Stephanie Lee McGaughey, 4, daughter of Steve and Tara Le McGaughey of Salvisa, was named 1987 Little Tiny Miss Mercer County Fair. She won a crown and sash, trophy, cake, $25 gift certificate, free portrait package and a bouquet of red carnations.


•Bernice Carroll Hatchett, 49, Salt River Road, truck driver for Southern Moulding Company, son of Lola Mae Hooper Hatchett and the late William H. (Bill) Hatchett, husband of Mabel Farkus Hatchett.

•Raymond “Mike” McMichael Sr. 65, Louisville, Anderson native, retired from International Harvester, son of the late Cleo and Nellie McMichael, husband of Betty Boling McMichael.

•Lois Hardin Satterly 75, Graefenburg Road, Anderson native, retired employee of Seagram’s Distillery after 30 years of service, son of the late Elster K. and Cordie Lee Shelton Satterly,

Compiled by Janie Bowen

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