New year, new you

It’s that time of year again … you know the time of year when everyone is trying to be a better person. We all know the drill.

At the stroke of midnight we decide that this is going to be the best year ever. We pledge that we are going to eat better, go to the gym more, work harder and save more.

Listen, I am no different from everybody else out there. Those are the exact same things I thought when the clock struck midnight, but the problem for many of us is that we only follow these for a few weeks and are lucky if we make it a few months, let alone the whole year.

The other day something came up on my Facebook news feed that spoke to me and made me think of New Year’s resolutions. Dr. Nathan Wood from the University of Kentucky said: "Forget about 'New Year's' resolutions and try 'new day' resolutions instead."

Isn’t that the truth? We are so focused on trying to change ourselves for the year that we make huge resolutions that many times aren’t kept. Why don’t we make resolutions for the day or for the week?

After reading that my mindset on resolutions was completed changed. I decided that the resolutions I made would be for the week, and if one week I didn’t accomplish what I wanted that there was always another week.

One of my big resolutions is going to the gym and not eating out. I would love to go to the gym four or five times a week and eat out only once or twice a week and never for lunch.

If I take the mindset of going week by week then maybe it will be easier to accomplish, and if one week doesn’t work then there is always the next.

So far this week I have almost met my gym quota and my eating out has been better than most weeks. The accomplishment I feel is much better than waiting for the end of the year results.

Step by step. Day by day. What a great motto to live by, especially for the New Year. I hope we can take that and follow it in our daily life.

Happy 2011! So, what are you going to work on changing each day or each week? And how do you plan to achieve that goal?

Sara Talbott is the Anderson County Extension agent for family and consumer sciences.