Reply to: “Helping disgruntled readers avoid God’s wrath”


JT writes: “There is a God, the one and only true God, and creator of all things.
God is very much a loving and merciful God to his people. He is also a God of wrath and great judgment to those who chose not to accept him and follow his word.”… “Ezekiel 5: 7-9 tells us: “I am about to pour out my wrath on you and spend my anger against you. I will judge you according to your conduct and repay you for all your detestable practices.”

Indeed the “wrath” this world is experiencing can be blamed on a loving entity, who resides in a place not accessible to the creatures of this reality, called, generic, GOD: But, the Jesus of the Jewish faith we now call ‘Christianity’ said that this GOD gave Him, Jesus, all authority and power over this world including the judgeship of it: and this Jesus said that HE does not judge us.

Search this internet and you will find, as I did, WHY all these catastrophes are happening the entire world over. Hint, our solar system is entering a debris field in space.

Now listen carefully, Jesus gave His power over all the world to US, those that proclaim our self belonging to Him. And He said we could do all that He did, including calming the storms. If you have the name of Jesus on your tongue, you can command the storms to not harm your place on this earth. I have been doing just that for many years, keeping my living area, south Lawrenceburg, as trouble free as possible. For the six years I have lived here Jesus has helped me pray that the intensity of a potentially damaging storm be decreased as it passes over my area: including commanding that lightening storms not knock out the power; something I learned I could do after a power outage years ago.

I have watched the radar on TV and seen the colors representing storm intensity change to yellow just as the storm gets to L-burg and back to red when past us. I have seen storms split, before hitting us then return to a line after.

I have seen other people around this nation post their own stories of being protected from damaging weather; a tornado, a wildfire.

Call the troubles of our earth what you will, but please do not be scared to pray protection from them in the name of Jesus.

I am judged: forgiven.