Sports Blog: Tuesday morning tidbits

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By John Herndon


Kind of a slow weekend in sports with the Labor Day holiday, but there are a few things of note locally.

First, Anderson County football was very impressive against Shelby County on Friday night, but Shelby is really down right now. The Rockets have some really nice backs and I believe junior quarterback Zach Shipley will make some college coach happy in two years, but the line is so small Anderson simply manhandled them.

That being said, Anderson has gotten better each week. I take a look at that in my column in Wednesday's paper.

Some have asked about the Shelby player who was taken off the field by the Anderson County Emergency Medical Services people late in the game. According to Josh Cook of our sister paper, The Sentinel-News in Shelbyville, Shelby coach Todd Shipley said the player was junior Hoyt Everson, who was having some dehydration problems and an asthma attack. He is apparently doing fine. That is good to hear.

Even though the game was a blowout Friday, it is good that Anderson and Shelby have started playing on the football field again. I hope the series continues for a long time. It is a short drive and will be competitie very soon.

Girls' soccer

The Anderson County girls' soccer team had a tough time in Marshall county over the weekend. The Lady Bearcats tied two and lost one against some tough competition. Still, they are improving.



Maryland's unis

That's all for today. I have to rest my eyes after watching some of the Maryland-Miami game Monday night. The only thing scarier than those duds Maryland wore is the rumor they have several other varieties.

Be sure to check back often. I probably won't post results or comments every day, but will do so periodically during the week.

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