Squeeze all you like, she's not telling

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Squeezing Linda Apple for her lemonade secret is a waste of time.

Not that her fellow Anderson County Fire Department Auxiliary members haven't tried.

"Oh, they've tried," she said, taking a break from serving Lemon Shake Ups during last weekend's Burgoo Festival. "They've tried everything known to man and woman to get that recipe out of me, but I'm not saying."

Lemon Shake Ups, a lemonade-like iced drink that is mysteriously thick and slightly sweeter than its tangy counterpart, is the province of some of Apple's friends in Indiana who shared the secret recipe with her. She in turn brought it to the auxiliary.

To safeguard the "hand-on-the-Bible, life-or-death secret" entrusted her, Apple mixes the concoction herself after assigning her firefighter-supporting sisters single ingredients to purchase. Only then does she mix the syrupy substance.

Even Fire Chief Mike Barnes' wife, Barbara, isn't privy to the recipe.

"She had to swear on the members' lives not to tell," said Barnes, the auxiliary's president. "She won't even tell me."

Melinda Campbell, resplendent in an outfit decked with all things lemon and pushing a cart full of the special drinks, has also been shut out of the information despite her over-the-top effort to sell it.

"All I know is that it's real lemon squeezes with a special syrup and water," she said during a break. "That's it."

Auxiliary plans semi-annual sale

The Anderson County Fire Department Auxiliary will sponsor its third semi-annual Lil' Prince and Princess Sale on Saturday, Oct. 4 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Robert B. Turner Elementary School, the group announced.

The auxiliary will sell new and used children's clothing from newborn to size 14, along with maternity clothes and accessories and toys for babies and children.

All proceeds will be donated to The Children's Crusade, a non-profit agency that provides grants to schools and hospitals for children with special needs in Kentucky and Indiana.