Thank goodness for ‘good old boys’

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To the editor:
The following is in response to last week’s article on A1 titled “King: Gov. trying to ‘buy votes’ for Stevens.”
If we have the “good old boys” here in Anderson County and the surrounding area, then let me be the first to say I’m proud and thankful of it.
I used to watch the good old boys on TV. The Dukes of Hazard’s Bo and Luke were always being falsely accused, framed, chased and unjustly jailed by Boss Hogg, the sheriff and the deputies.
Now, I did that comparison for fun, and that was only a TV show, but people, this is real and trying to buy votes is serious if it were true. But, according to the article, it definitely is not true.
All [state representative candidate] Kent Stevens did was attend a fiscal court meeting. You or I could do that.
He knew a person to ask a question. You or I could do that.
And he knew the right questions to ask about funding. You or I could do that.
But we would have to attend meetings, we would have to know the right people and know the right questions to ask.
Now, you might could do all that, but I couldn’t, mainly because I don’t take the time to go to meetings; don’t know the right people; and don’t know the right questions to ask.
But here’s what I do know. Kent Stevens has taken the time to attend some meetings, he made some good friends while being our state representative and he was in office long enough to know the right questions to ask.
You know, I many not know about the political scene, but I would think [incumbent state representative] Ms. King would be glad to see Anderson County receive funds for roads or anything else we need money for, since Anderson County is one county she represents.
Another thing I couldn’t stand about that article was her attitude that they’ve got it in for her because she’s a Republican  or that they were helping Stevens because he’s a Democrat.
Bah! Humbug! I’m so tired of that.
We all need to be working together for the greater good of this county and country. Yes, I’m a registered Democrat and my full support is for Kent Stevens. Even if Kent were a Republican he would still be getting my support because I know Kent Stevens. He’s a great family man — you can see that every time you see him and his family together.
When my three children were young and attended Western, I knew Kent as a professional leader and principal there at that time. I know Kent was a friend and that he cared for this county.
I look at it like this: if Kent Stevens is working hard to get funds now, not being in office, can you imagine how it will be when he’s voted back in as our state representative?
I can’t wait. I hope the other counties he will be representing realize what a fair man he is.
I could get into why I think Ms. King went to the extreme of accusing, but I think last week’s article speaks for itself.
Let’s all get out to vote. It’s important to get Kent re-elected.
Janette Yeager Barnett