Three politicians who shouldn’t be re-elected

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Column as I see ’em …
We Kentuckians have been a fairly pious bunch in recent weeks, flaunting our frontiersmen and women attitudes as America’s most populated cities and states wage war against the 2nd Amendment.
We snicker at New Yorkers and their goofy new gun laws, and mock Chicago as a perfect example of what happens when politicians strip away the rights of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves against gun-toting thugs.
In fact, while the rest of the country is working to get rid of guns, we’re enacting laws that allow us to openly carry them just about anywhere we want, including nearly every public building in town.
Our message to America? Here in Kentucky we love our guns and you meddling outsiders best keep your unconstitutional gun laws and opinions to yourselves.
Then along come three radical state legislators who are out to taint Kentucky’s good name. A law they’re proposing is so radical that about the only good thing that could come from it is ridding Frankfort of them once and for all.
At least I certainly hope so.
Meet state Rep. Jim Wayne (D-Louisville), state Rep. Mary Lou Marzian (D-Louisville) and state Sen. Kathy Stein (D-Lexington). This trio has introduced a bill that, among a bunch of other unconstitutional nonsense, would require legal gun owners to obtain a license for every gun they own. No, this isn’t about the misnamed “assault weapons.” This is about all guns, even old granddad’s squirrel rifle tucked away in the attic.
Here’s a little bio information on this bunch taken from their state legislature pages, none of which comes as a surprise.
Wayne’s says he has a degree in theology and has done decades of work in social services. He’s also involved in the Sierra Club — an anti-coal (and nearly everything else) bunch that isn’t as radical as Greenpeace, but sure is close.
Marzian appears to have a nursing degree and has been involved in organizations such as National Organization for Women, which obviously makes her superbly qualified to craft firearm legislation.
Stein, an attorney who obviously missed some of her constitutional law classes, is involved with an organization called Americans United for Separation of Church & State, which seems fairly self-explanatory.
Together, they want to pass a law that would require the Kentucky State Police to come up with a licensing system for people who possess firearms and so-called assault weapons, along with a system to track the sales of firearms and ammunition.
Wayne, it was reported in the Lexington Herald-Leader, said the proposed law would “allow” the state police to issue a regulation that limits possession of firearms with “multiple rounds of ammunition.”
Really, Mr. Wayne? You actually want to “allow” the state police to start issuing regulations? I’d remind you that regulations are your job if you weren’t so obviously untrustworthy to create them without stomping on the Constitution.
Of course they’re quick to point out that their proposals won’t actually take away anyone’s gun (yet) — for which I suppose those of us who legally own guns are supposed to be grateful.
Here’s where most columnists would include the obvious, such as it’s very doubtful criminals will hand-deliver a list of their firearms to the state police, or become overly worried how many rounds of ammo their guns hold, but I won’t bore you with that.
Nor will I bore you with the fact that enacting these laws would be wildly expensive at a time when the legislature can’t figure out what to do with the state pension and school systems are yammering for even more money.
Instead I will include contact information for these folks who, now that you’ve met them, sharing your views should be fairly easy.
Stein: Annex phone is 502-564-8100, ext. 608; work is 859-225-4269 or e-mail Kathy.Stein@lrc.ky.gov
Wayne: Annex phone is 502-564-8100, ext 616; work is 502-451-8262.
Marzian: Annex phone is 502-564-8100, ext 643 or e-mail MaryLou.Marzian@lrc.ky.gov.
Shoot them an e-mail or phone call and let them know if you agree, and see if they’ll even bother to call or e-mail back.