Trick-or-treater learned lesson about USA

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This letter is in response to 11-year-old Adam Steele’s Nov. 7 letter to the editor regarding dressing up as Gov. Mitt Romney for Halloween.

To the editor:
Dear Adam, I am glad you shared this unforgettable Halloween experience with us. I hope you choose to never forget what a divided nation looks like, and you just saw a tiny piece of it.
We no longer are the United States, far from it. It is sad, Adam. I hope that you never forget what freedom stands for and think ahead to your future, along with other young people like yourself.
You are the ones who may have a chance to make a difference; at your age you have not become hardened in mind and heart to the politics of today’a Republican and Democrats, who have failed our country.
You may be a part of the true freedom fighters of tomorrow, ones that will give true meaning of what it takes to be an American.
Adam, we desperately need a new party, called the people’s party, because that is how it was meant to be. In 1776 America’s founders drafted the Declaration of Independence that released us from the ties we had to Great Britain. American patriots won our independence on the battlefield. In 1789 our new government was established; the Constitution was drafted. The Declaration and the Constitution have been until now our founding documents.
Today this government has decided to make its own laws and that is why we see division rather then unity that we as a nation had up until now. What you experienced is a product of the two party system no longer united.
The basic task is for government to be strong enough to secure our rights against domestic and foreign oppression, yet not so powerful or extensive as to be oppressive itself. This is where we stand today.
Our nation is so divided that when you dressed as Mitt Romney on a fun evening, it turned ugly and I am sorry for that.
When you grow up, Adam, just be a man of honor and truth and maybe, just maybe, you will make a positive difference for the future of others. What happened to you Halloween night is just the product of our nation headed in the wrong direction. God Bless you, Adam, stay strong.
Karen Richardson