Vote ‘socialists’ from school systems

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 To the editor:

It’s time we put a stop to the Kentucky Education Association’s theft of money from the hard-earned paychecks of our Kentucky teachers.

That money is also taxpayer money, and when the union thugs use their ill-gotten gains to fund their leftist agenda in our schools, they need to be held accountable.

Their huge headquarters building on Capital Avenue in Frankfort, right down from the State Capitol, has all Democrat signs in front. They get kickbacks  

and special favors for pushing a leftist agenda in our schools. This is more of the good ol’ boy politics we rejected two years ago when Republicans took control of the House. We taxpayers, we voters, must make sure to help our teachers by eliminating this scam from our education system.

This year vote for the party who actually wants everybody to have an equal chance, not just the privileged few good ol’ boys. This year vote Republican and help eliminate this Socialist scourge from our public school systems.

Bill Marshall




Paper an ‘excellent news source’

To the editor:

My mother was raised in Anderson County and subscribed to The Anderson News  

all her life.

Upon her death, I continued the subscription because I find  

The Anderson News to be an excellent news source, much better than anything  

in my local area that I could subscribe to.

Keep up the good work!

Patty Wiesemann



A vote for a Democrat

is a vote against Trump

To the editor:

When I heard Donald Trump was running for office in 2015, all I knew about him was that he was a wealthy businessman from New York who almost ran for president in 2012.

As he bubbled to the top of the Republican primary process, I paid more attention to him. As I listened to his stated beliefs and policies, he sounded much like a non-politician who has done as I have:  studied the history of our country and our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

His political ideas were simple and easy for me to identify because they matched almost verbatim the philosophies of the founders of our country.

As the months went by and I consumed more hours of Trump, I declared to people that Trump is by far the most Constitutional person to be running for president in a long time.

To date, every decision (I know of) he has made as president has been squarely in-line with the Constitution. He has been more constitutional than even Reagan.

Trump is not a conservative and he is certainly not a liberal.  He is a reality-based constitutionalist.

It is somewhat unfortunate for him (and us) that he has a less-than-morally spotless personal history, but I’ve never heard or seen a liberal care about personal morality except when they can use a slanted version of morality as a bludgeon against a non-liberal. I voted for Trump very enthusiastically (as did many people who had never voted in their lives) because I knew I was voting for the Constitution and not a pastor, priest or pope.

I will be voting for people who I deem more likely to support the policies of President Trump. It is disgraceful how low the Democrats will reach to try to ruin an elected person with lies, smears, and mischaracterizations about he and his family. It seems to me that President Trump is right over the target and we will be very happy with the results if he is allowed to continue doing the things he said in 2016 that he would do.

He has kept his promises as much as he possibly can. Because of this one fact, I expect the Republicans to do quite well in the upcoming election.

Michael Handiboe



McGrath will be fighter

for Kentucky

To the editor:

My name is Martha Layne Collins, and I would like to ask you to join with me in supporting Amy McGrath for Congress.

Amy has proven that she is a fighter, and we need to send a fighter for Kentucky to Washington, D.C.

By now, you have seen many deceptive ads. Those ads do not define the Amy I know.

Like so many of our brave men and women, Amy left here to serve her country. And she chose to come back to raise her children close to family. 

As governor, I was fortunate with my team to bring jobs to the commonwealth, and we worked hard to convince Toyota to come here. The plant in Georgetown remains the largest Toyota manufacturing plant in the world. We need a leader focused on jobs, focused on showcasing Kentucky’s enormous potential. Amy is that leader. 

Our healthcare system is in need of repair, and Amy will work across the aisle to fix it. She will protect your Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. Many of you would like to retire before age 65, but cannot because you would lose your healthcare. This is why Amy is proposing a Medicare buy-in at 55. 

Amy believes in teamwork. She understands that our representatives must be able to listen, and to put together a good team from all walks of life: business, education and law enforcement.

Amy was willing to sacrifice her life for our country, and I know she will take that same level of courage and commitment to Congress. 

It was my great honor to serve as your governor, and it is with great confidence that I ask you to vote for Amy McGrath on Nov. 6.

Martha Layne Collins

Former governor of Kentucky


Detherage best choice for sheriff

To the editor:

My family and I met Doug Detherage several months ago and asked him to come meet with us to discuss some issues facing the community.

After meeting with him we realized that he had realistic solutions to the problems facing Anderson County. 

First and foremost, he has a plan to combat our ongoing drug epidemic. Secondly, he has a plan to protect our children by placing police officers in our schools and to do so without raising our taxes.

Finally, to have a stronger sheriff’s office presence out in the county. 

My family and I are voting for Doug Detherage on Nov. 6 and we respectfully ask you to consider doing the same.

Kathy Holt



Barr the clear choice

for U.S. Congress

To the editor:

Finally, a debate between the candidates!

I am writing this fresh off watching the debate aired Monday night by KET between Congressman Andy Barr and, his challenger, Amy McGrath.

One thing was very clear: Andy Barr knows the issues and he knows how to get things done. I was very impressed with his command of a wide range of topics, his fact-based positions and his focus on central Kentucky.

No platitudes. No rhetoric. No name calling. Just a long list of accomplishments, some fought for long and hard for many years. These range from the toughest-ever sanctions against North Korea to the largest ever funding to fight the opioid crisis. 

Congressman Barr has clout in the House of Representatives, chairing the Financial Services sub-committee on Monetary Policy and Trade and is one of the outspoken leaders on the Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit Committee. Andy has overseen numerous reforms to improve banking and access to credit for individuals and small businesses right here in Anderson County. He is lobbying hard to protect Kentucky’s bourbon and horse racing industries and has fought for a level-playing field for local farmers. If in doubt check out his Facebook page and you will be appreciative of his involvement in the life of big and small counties alike. I will be proud to cast my vote to return Congressman Barr to office Nov. 6.

Katie Howard



Goodlett deserves

another team as mayor

To the editor:

I would like to voice my support for Sandy Goodlett for the office of mayor. During his tenure he has completed some significant projects; some have affected me directly but all have benefited me and our community in one way or another.

The revitalized downtown is one project about which I am very proud. During the past year or two, I have had several out-of-town guests. I have been proud to walk downtown with them, eat at one of our restaurants and shop with them in our downtown stores. 

I enjoy walking and I often see Mayor Goodlett also out walking. He keeps in touch with the community and local businesses. That approach is important for a town like Lawrenceburg.

We are a unique community with much to offer both for our citizens and for those who visit. 

With new sidewalks, new parking lot and the splash park he has spearheaded important improvements that highlight the best of Lawrenceburg.  

I have always felt that if someone does a good job the best reward is to tell them to continue. Sandy Goodlett has done a good job as mayor and he deserves to continue to move our town forward.

The Rev. Barbara Schaars (retired)



Milam clearly best choice for sheriff

To the editor:

As you all know we are living in some mighty troubling times. 

Our children and grandchildren face corruption day in and day out, and as grandparents we do our best to teach our children when and how to turn their backs and walk, or even run away, from the evil and corruption that is trying to influence their lives.

With the blessings of God almighty, they are listening to us. 

We are lucky to have a sheriff and a force of deputies who are there for them, to remove that corruption before it has a chance to infest into a major infestation for our children.  

Joe Milam and his staff, as well as his deputies, have proven themselves to be everything we could expect them to be. Joe works with the Kentucky State Police to provide active training for our teachers and the school staff to help implement whatever it takes to protect our students if the need ever arises. Joe and his deputies are there 24-7, protecting the people of Anderson County, as well as doing whatever it takes for our safety.

We couldn’t ask for more.  

Please stand with me and vote Nov. 6 to re-elect Joe Milam as our sheriff. 

I assure you it will be for our best interest and safety. 

Thanks.  Stay well, stay safe, and God bless us all.

Oscar “Red” Shingleton



Young right man

for any job

To the editor: 

I would like to commend former sheriff Troy Young of Anderson County.

I have known Troy for many years and have seen first-hand his loyalty and dedication to the citizens of Anderson County. He is always willing and ready and always gotten the job done no matter its difficulty.

Having known him for a number of years, I would not hesitate to recommend him. I believe he would be an asset to any position he might hold. He is people-oriented, has excellent communication skills and has the determination, capability and proper attitude it takes to succeed.

Thank you for the opportunity to thank and commend former Sheriff Troy Young for his service.

Jerry Wagner

Kentucky Sheriff’s




Goodlett is the

‘mayor for us’

To the editor:

In late 2012 my family took a leap of faith and invested in our struggling downtown. From day one we had Sandy Goodlett’s support as we started the journey to fulfill a dream.

In 2014 Sandy became our mayor. Little did we know he had big ideas and plans not just for downtown but the whole city.  

Until then Sandy was our neighbor, a former colleague and a family friend.  

Almost every day as he was getting his daily walk in we would see him picking up paper, cans or anything that needed to be thrown away in the trash. Until this day when weather permits, anyone can catch him still doing this walking  to or from City Hall.

There have been so many noticeable changes to our city, such as the ongoing work on our sewer and drainage system, downtown parking lot, repaired streets, recovering from the disastrous garage fire right before two debilitating snow storms and the splash park.

The last four years have been a whirlwind of change for so many people in our great city. Without a doubt we would not have achieved the huge improvements without Sandy as our leader.

Sandy is our current Mayor but he is also a member of our community. If there is an event anywhere at any time of the day, Sandy is there. If there is a project in the works, Sandy is there. Just yesterday, he could be spotted standing with a group of city workers in a hole on the side of the road repairing a water line seeing what was going on.

Sandy cares about everyone in this city and he finds a way to make things happen the cheapest and smartest way possible. Over the last four years he has worked with all the employees in City Hall, City Council, the community and most importantly Orbrey Gritton, our county judge-executive, to get things done. Sandy is not the mayor for himself, he is the mayor for us.

There have been so many positive changes for our city because Sandy has been our leader and driving force for improvements and progress. There is still so  much work to be done and Sandy Goodlett is the person we need in the mayor’s office for the next four years to continue his great work for our city.

Kara Wilhoit