Church News

  • Bible reading marathon begins New Year’s Eve

    Some Lawrenceburg residents will celebrate New Year’s Eve in a way most wouldn’t suspect.

    While others toot noisemakers, wear pointy hats and consume adult beverages, this group will begin reading the Bible at the stroke of midnight and continue for several days.

    “We’ll start reading with the first verse in Genesis to the last verse in Revelations,” said Lisa Owens, president of the Anderson County chapter of Awakening Ministries of Kentucky.

  • Lovelace to appear at Sand Spring Baptist

    If Christmas is a time of joy, laughter and worship, there should be plenty of the spirit of the season going around Sunday at Sand Spring Baptist Church.

    Comedian Tim Lovelace will appear in the church’s annual Christmas Homecoming celebration on Sunday, Dec. 13, which features the Sand Spring choir along with local singers Meredith Hyatt Lewis and Jeremy Dickerson. Performances are scheduled for 3 and 6:30 p.m.

  • Living a better story

    I’m currently reading “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” by Don Miller.

    He wrote “Blue Like Jazz,” which continues to be the best Christian book I’ve ever read, although not for its literary merit. The book is random and messy, but Miller’s thoughts are raw and profound.

    His new book begins with a movie producer wanting to turn “Blue Like Jazz” into a movie, but he tells Miller that the book as is wouldn’t make a compelling or interesting movie because his real life is boring.

  • Clothing giveaway is Monday

    Free clothing will be available Monday, Dec. 7 from 10:30 a.m. to noon at Salvisa Christian Church, according to a news release.

    The church is located at 155 Sugar St., Salvisa.

    For more information contact Pam Votaw at 839-5626 or Charlote Fallis at 859-865-2226.

  • Every baby starts life as a savage … with no morals, no knowledge, no skills

    By Larry Coleman

  • Finally acknowledging God hunger

    By Nancy Kennedy, Faith Columnist

    We were eating pizza — thin crust, perfectly crisp, topped with ooey gooey decadent cheesy goodness that was just the right degree of meltiness.

    As our eyes rolled back in our heads in pizza ecstasy, my friend Tara said she had recently read that the sign of a culture in decline is its glorification of its cuisine and deification of its chefs.

    Bobby Flay and Wolfgang Puck anyone?

  • Church News Briefs, Nov. 4

    New Hope Baptist to host Trinity Heirs

    The New Hope Baptist Church located on Tyrone Pike in Woodford County will host the Trinity Heirs Gospel Group on Nov. 15. The music starts at 6 p.m.

    On Nov. 22 there will be a church-wide traditional Thanksgiving meal at 5 p.m. Everyone is invited.

    Central Baptist annual holiday craft bazaar Saturday

    Central Baptist Church will have its annual holiday craft and bazaar sale on Saturday, Nov. 7 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

  • Charitable organization opens in Lawrenceburg

    A new charitable organization called The LIGHT Center opened earlier this month at 700 West Broadway, Suite 3, in Lawrenceburg, according to a news release.

    In addition to helping people deal with their daily living necessities, the center serves as a community hub that coordinates services provided by other charities, churches, organizations and charitable individuals, the news release states.

    The center has served approximately 40 people, families and other charities multiple times since its inception in June, organizers said.

  • Church News Briefs, Oct. 28

    Claylick UMC to kick off series Nov. 1

    Claylick United Methodist Church will sponsor a special series of discussions intended to provide help and hope to people who struggle during the holiday season, the church announced.

    The series is called “Season of Hope” and is geared toward those who have lost loved ones, are dealing with family illnesses, or are experiencing difficulties within their families.

  • Lost and found

    By Nancy Kennedy

    Faith Columnist

    Tachycardia is a dangerously rapid heartbeat, arrhythmia is an irregular heartbeat and dead is no heartbeat at all — and I had all three recently.

    That may be a slight exaggeration and a bit of melodrama, but the truth is I experienced severe panic recently.

    I lost my camera.

    And by “my camera” I mean the one the Chronicle gave me to use and not mine to keep.