The Way We Were


    50 YEARS AGO
    Thursday, March 31, 1966
    Mrs. Clifford Stratton’s vacation trip really paid off last summer. Not only was the 18-day trip an enjoyable one, but she also received a check for $100 this week for an article that is to appear in a trade magazine this coming summer.
    Mr. and Mrs. Stratton and their six children piled into their compact foreign car last summer and started of on a 2,700-mile journey that took them to North Carolina, Washington, D.C., Virginia Beach and Jacksonville, Ala.


    50 YEARS AGO
    Thursday, March 24, 1966
    Scouts attending the World Fellowship Rally in Lexington at the Coliseum included Carol Beard, Katherine Stewart, Vickie Thompson, Charlan Whitt, Jenny McCoun, Lisa Beckett, Mona Ingram, Paula Shryock, Julie Watts, Teresa Cummins, Cindy Stoner, Nancy Cox, Cheryl Duncan, Pattie Lynn Sharp, Faye Casey, Jane Searcy and Sharon Liken. Leaders attending the rally were Mrs. Silva Stoner Jr., Mrs. Grover Beckett, Mrs. Clarence Sharp and Mrs. Wesley McCoun.



    50 YEARS AGO
    Thursday, March 17, 1966
    An essay, written by John Dudley Connelly III, brought him a first place win in the Anderson County Cub Scout contest; first in the Blue Grass Scout Council contest and first the in the state-wide contest.
    The essay was entitled “My Responsibility to Traffic Safety.” He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. John Connelly.

    Glen Baxter, Betty Caldwell, Edward Morris and Gilbert Wayne Thurman were enrolled at the Morehead State University for the spring term.


  • Brittany Sutherland National Merit Scholar

    50 YEARS AGO
    Thursday, March 10, 1966
    Betty C. Yates, daughter of Mrs. Marzette Yates, who was enrolled in the Good Samaritan School of Nursing in Lexington, received an excellent grade on the subject “Medical Surgery Nursing” in her junior year for the first and second terms.

    Charlotte Bowen resumed her studies at Georgetown College after being confined several days at her home with a sprained ankle.

  • Couple didn’t think twice about having triplets

    Editor’s note: On March 2, 1986, triplets were born to Troy and Benita Young of Anderson County, which could possibly have been a historic first.
    On July 16, 1986, the Anderson County triplet birth was featured in The Anderson News after some sort of normalcy returned in the Youngs lives. With the recent publicity of the Young family on the “Family Feud,” and reaching their 30th birthdays, the following are some excerpts from that story.

  • Ashby, Satterly Heart Fund co-chairmen

    50 YEARS AGO
    Thursday, Feb. 17, 1966
    Lucien Johnson was appointed jailer of Anderson County by Judge Hollie Warford to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mrs. Lulie Young Buntain.
    He was married to the former Frances Casey. They had three children, Mrs. Lynn Parrott, Paul Johnson of Fern Creek, Paul Johnson, U.S. Army, Oakland, California, and Robert Earl Johnson, senior at Anderson High School.

    Mrs. Walter Major Jr. won third place in a cake-baking contest at the State Young Farmer’s Convention.


    From our readers
    Some people record things they want to remember on calendars, in bibles, in journals, and many other ways. Mrs. Elgeather Sharp was one who kept notes.
    Her husband stopped in the News office recently and gave us a glimpse into what his late wife wrote about the big snow of 1994.


    From one of our readers
    I just wanted to say that I love The Way We Were Page. It’s my favorite page of the weekly paper. the picture in this week’s edition (Feb. 3), was especially cool. My family moved here from Versailles in 1985. I was just a young boy. We  lived on Forrest Drive. In the picture you can see how that entire end of Forrest Drive was just farmland 20 years prior. It was neat to see that. Thanks, and I look forward to more old photos in the future.
    — Shawn Crowe

    50 YEARS AGO
    Thursday, Feb. 3, 1965


    50 YEARS AGO
    Thursday, Oct. 21, 1965
    Injured in game
    Three Anderson High students were injured in last Friday night’s game at Harrodsburg. Eddie Huffman was a patient at the Haggin Memorial Hospital with a chipped left knee. Gayle Warford received a back injury and was taken to the hospital for x-rays. Hank Hatfield re-injured his neck, however, his injury was not believed to be serious.
    Thursday, Jan. 27, 1966
    Moffett to be on TV

  • Local quilt may have warmed First Lady Bush

    50 YEARS AGO
    Thursday, Jan. 27, 1966
    School dismissed due to snow
    The first major snow storm of the season hit Kentucky Friday night, dumping about 6 inches on Anderson County.
    School had been out all week due to the road conditions.
    County road foreman Earnie Puckett said county and state road crews got busy early Saturday morning and worked until about 7 p.m. They began again early Sunday morning and continued spreading cinders and salt and clearing roads throughout the day.