The Way We Were


    From one of our readers
    I just wanted to say that I love The Way We Were Page. It’s my favorite page of the weekly paper. the picture in this week’s edition (Feb. 3), was especially cool. My family moved here from Versailles in 1985. I was just a young boy. We  lived on Forrest Drive. In the picture you can see how that entire end of Forrest Drive was just farmland 20 years prior. It was neat to see that. Thanks, and I look forward to more old photos in the future.
    — Shawn Crowe

    50 YEARS AGO
    Thursday, Feb. 3, 1965


    50 YEARS AGO
    Thursday, Oct. 21, 1965
    Injured in game
    Three Anderson High students were injured in last Friday night’s game at Harrodsburg. Eddie Huffman was a patient at the Haggin Memorial Hospital with a chipped left knee. Gayle Warford received a back injury and was taken to the hospital for x-rays. Hank Hatfield re-injured his neck, however, his injury was not believed to be serious.
    Thursday, Jan. 27, 1966
    Moffett to be on TV

  • Local quilt may have warmed First Lady Bush

    50 YEARS AGO
    Thursday, Jan. 27, 1966
    School dismissed due to snow
    The first major snow storm of the season hit Kentucky Friday night, dumping about 6 inches on Anderson County.
    School had been out all week due to the road conditions.
    County road foreman Earnie Puckett said county and state road crews got busy early Saturday morning and worked until about 7 p.m. They began again early Sunday morning and continued spreading cinders and salt and clearing roads throughout the day.

  • ACHS students attend choral clinic at Morehead

    50 YEARS AGO

    Thursday, Oct. 7, 1965

    Bowen nominated

    County Attorney Ollie J. Bowen was nominated as president-elect of the Kentucky State Bar Association

    Summoned for duty

    Summoned for jury duty in Federal Court Wednesday were Melwood Stevens of Lawrenceburg, and Earl Burgin of Gee.

    Eye surgery

    Clinton Sparrow returned to his home from the St. Joseph Hospital in Louisville where he underwent two eye operations. He was recovering satisfactorily.


    The following is from Wyatt Shely’s ‘Our Heritage’ column that appeared in Jan. 6, 1966 issue of The Anderson News.

    Even before the Village of Tyrone was incorporated (1879) the people of that community manifested a keen interest in education.

    Though the inhabitants of the valley, now Tyrone, were very few prior to 1850, one of our first schools was on the road leading to Subletts (Shryock’s) ferry.

  • John Connelly wins Cub Scout essay contest

    50 YEARS AGO

    Thursday, Jan. 6, 1966

    Wins essay contest

    John Dudley Connelly, one of seven Cub Scouts to participate in the Blue Grass Council’s essay contest on “Safety,” won first place in his division over entries from 200 Cub Scout packs in 40 counties.

  • Sparrow wins essay contest for third time

    50 YEARS AGO

    Thursday, Sept. 30, 1965

    Foot infection

    Mrs. Hobart Cammack was a patient at the Frankfort hospital from Friday to Wednesday for treatment of a severe foot infection. She had stuck a nail in her foot a couple of weeks before.

    Returned home

    H.L. Thurman returned home from the Veterans Hospital in Louisville where he had been a patient for three weeks for treatment of arthritis.

    Moffett wins award

  • Champion Greg Cinnamon reads 41 books

    50 YEARS AGO

    Thursday, Sept. 23, 1965

    Cinnamon champion reader

    Greg Cinnamon, 7, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cinnamon, was the champion reader in the Summer Reading Club sponsored by the City Library. He read 41 books. Cinnamon had just entered the second grade.

    The Charles T. Hanks twins ranked next. Cathy read 39 and Carol read 36 books. Other superior readers who read at least 20 books were: Jo Curran, Dudley Hanks, Cindy Davis, Jane Brown, Susan Davis and Lydia Brown.


    Got a note from Willanna Young about the storm photo on the Way page Dec. 2.

    She said it gave her chillls. “Jimmy and I had just bought and moved into this house here on Court Street the week of Thanksgiving of 1964. I so clearly remember the rain and the wind. Like nothing I had ever heard before,” she said.

    A huge pine tree was damaged in their yard and took the back off their roof. “I know the children were scared to death.,” she wrote.


    50 YEARS AGO

    Thursday, Dec. 2, 1965

    Tornado hits Anderson County

    A corridor of wind and rain classified as a tornado, swept through Lawrenceburg shortly past midnight Friday, leaving in it’s wake property damage expected to reach near $500,000. Only four people were reported injured.

    The tornado, moving west to east through town, apparently broke up when it reached the Kentucky River. Damage was mainly in the downtown section, although the storm ripped property within a three-mile radius of Main Street.